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Photo Credit: ABC

The hilarious award-winning comedy series Modern Family is trying something a little different later this month. In an upcoming episode, the entirety of the show will be shot using iPhone and iPads. 

The episode is called "Connection Lost" and it revolves around Claire desperately trying to track down Haley, and including the whole family in the process. Throughout the journey to find Haley, the family will stay in touch with each other over video, voice chat, text messages and email, hence the use of iPhones and tablets to make the episode.

"Everything was shot on the iPhone 6 or new iPads," said the show’s co-creator Steve Levitan. "With one or two small scenes shot using MacBook Pros."

We’ve seen other TV Shows and movies filmed this way before and it can get old after a while, but with the genius writers and the hilarious actors at Modern Family we have a feeling it’ll keep our attention. 

The episode is scheduled to air February 25 on ABC.  

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