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Everyday Mommy Exercises

Mommy Time for an Energy Fix

The baby is in the bassinette. Good job, girl!  You are now but not for long, on maternity leave and trying to shed those extra pounds. It isn't easy getting back into the swing of exercising after a hiatus of several months. Allowing other people to do some of the chores and get your mom exercise.  Stop the excuse mill and get on the treadmill. You can increase your stamina, energy and outlook quickly as you follow some simple everyday mommy exercises.

Keeping Fit And Family Oriented

Or say you have been so busy trying to juggle job, pre-teen activities, and the house that exercise just doesn't fit.  The fact is that a man's fitness program and a woman's are necessarily different. When men follow a weight training program the usual goal is bulk. They don't want lean, long muscle. Large, impressive muscles are what a man wants to see.

Women just want to be in shape and feeling healthy on a daily basis.  Exercise programs for women are more likely to include a great deal of cardio and high rep, low weight resistance training. The problem is also complicated for women when they have just given birth to a baby. Of course, there is a certain amount of weight gain during pregnancy, and most women will work hard to take it off.  Adjusting to new gushes of new hormonal changes complicates things.  And also makes it imperative that you get your daily fix of good moves in.

When you become a mom exercise is difficult. The added responsibility of having to care for a child definitely upsets what used to be "your" routine. Many women incorporate the baby into the weight loss regimen. They take their baby out in a stroller and do mom exercise with the tot. She running behind; the baby asleep in the stroller. Another way is to do some baby push ups (as in, lying on your back and lifting the baby into the air.) Using play as exercise will work very well. If mommy exercises everyday, then she will be fit in no time at all.

A mom exercise program can also work for the harried workaday lady. Women with newborns have a small window to exercise (when they are not with the baby, or fighting off exhaustion,) but a working mom may not have any time. You have to choose a time during the day when you can be by yourself and implement a routine. Also when kids see mom exercise they are more likely to learn to respect her ability to stick to it and follow suit.

To find time alone, exercise during the work day. Wear ankle weights, use stairs instead of the elevator, take a walk or go to the gym at lunch. Any little time niche where you can stick a workout in will do.  We now know that 20 minutes here and there adding up to an hour, is now considered as good as a full hour all at once.  In the evening, play with your family. You may say, "I have to clean," or "I have to get dinner going." Split the chores. Sit down with your husband and make out a schedule.

Also, filling out menus ahead helps. You can make something filling, nutritious, and quick.  Cooking like a fiend on Sunday afternoon could  get you  a week of fast meals, saving an hour a day of prep time.  If the kids know that you are going to play with them after dinner, they are more willing to help with the dinner chores. Kids want the involvement of their parents (at least until they are twelve or thirteen.)

Be creative. No one said staying in shape was going to be easy. However, it is possible.

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