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ptr-mommysavers-125sqMommy Savers seeks to aid frugal moms in getting the best for their family despite a skimpy budget. Tools provided by the site in order to help mom save include coupons, budgeting tips, promotional codes and updates on bargains everywhere. A forum for like-minded bargain hunters hooks up moms in order to exchange information on sales and bargains that may have slipped the radar. They also talk about the latest online store bargains as well as tips on organizing and getting the word out on the next garage sale. I even noticed that some moms are trading things online to save money over this forum. Visit Website

ptr-maternitycorner-125sqMaternity Corner is a very helpful site for expecting women and their spouses.  Rest assured that there is an answer for about every question you may have about expecting and raising a baby at Maternity Corner.  Very helpful is how the questions and answers are neatly organized, very clear and easy to find.  From the state of pregnancy, to breast feeding and how to give a baby their first bath, this site covers it all and also gives you a chance to connect with women in the same stage of life and going through many of the same experiences enabling moms to exchange true first hand experience and wisdom.  Visit Website

ptr-mysavings-125sqMy Savings provides the ultimate site for free stuff, coupons, vouchers, consumer reviews and big savings. The free samples section adds new products everyday and gives a forum for people to give their opinions of the latest samplers in return for the free stuff. Samples include health and beauty products, food, cosmetics, make-up, perfume and baby products just to name a very few. There are hundreds of coupons and coupon codes available for Internet shopping, grocery stores, department stores as well as restaurant vouchers for a cheap yet fancy night out. Just print out the voucher or coupon on your computer and run. Visit Website

ptr-mommytips-125sqMommy Tips provides good pointers to Moms for every concern they may have. Good shopping tips are bountiful whether you are looking to get the best deals on back to school clothes shopping, baby clothes, restocking your spice cabinet and any other household items. The parenting tips section offers recipes on how to make "super baby food", effective ways to get your kids to help around the house or how to approach the issues that should be thought out before allowing your tweenager to get an email or facebook account. Visit Website

ptr-happywomanmagazine-125sqHappy Woman Magazine provides a hearty, slightly evil dose of wit, humor and sarcasm for those who are more than a little weary of the other goody-goody women's issues websites out there. Is your idea of a good dieting tip to switch from vodka to gin when making your early morning martini? Would you contemplate breaking into a slam dance at a ballroom dance lesson? Do you suspect that feminism could be one of the leading causes that lead to senile dementia in women? Then you probably will love what you find here. The contributors tear through all the subject matter women care about most but with a dark, hilarious twist. Visit Website

ptr-poshmom-125sqPosh Mom caters to the stylish, fashion-forward mom who somehow manages to face all the challenges of motherhood and still look fabulous every day. The fashion and beauty section focuses on beauty tips that relate to health and well-being and emphasizes long-term beauty as opposed to the entirely cosmetic fix that so many beauty and fashion sites steer towards. The celebrity section shows the more positive, gleaming side of glitz, for example, the humanitarian campaigns of Jennie Garth or the wild yet natural jungle styles of Demi Moore. Visit Website

ptr-4momsathome-125sq4 Moms at Home discusses all topics that would be useful to know about or, just plain interesting, for moms everywhere. These include subjects like pregnancy, parenting, finances, health, decorating, cooking, beauty, fashion tips, gardening, home repair, taking care of pets, home decorating and improvement and even how to fix your car! An extra special treat offered here is the coupons, free stuff and special offers section. Visit Website

MakeMeBabiesMakeMeBabies.com is a way to see what your babies may look like before they’re even born! This completely free service is fun, quick and even advanced. The process is as simple as uploading a photo of yourself and a photo of your partner. Just like that, MakeMeBabies.com produces a picture of your possible baby’s appearance.

Or, if you’d rather mix your appearance with a celebrity’s, the MakeMeBabies.com offers a huge gallery of celebrity photos to choose from. That's right, your fantasy baby with your favorite movie star can actually come true! Okay, only on your computer screen. But who is complaining!? 

The best part (besides it being free)? It only takes seconds to make a baby on MakeMeBabies.com. To make a picture of your potential baby, MakeMeBabies uses advanced face detection technology. You can even send baby invites to your friends to they can join in on the fun. It’s a fun, easy way to see just how your future child might look. Visit Website.

mombraryMombrary.com is the ultimate guide for mom-centered books, sites and parenting resources. Handy sections divide Mombrary’s content into sections that feature video, articles on teens, parenting, daughters, books, pregnancy, babies, and relationships. Mombrary.com has everything from Internet safety articles to book reviews and parenting advice.