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mom-sues-monster-energy-drinks-for-death-of-sonDo you allow your children to consume energy drinks? 

The mom of a son who died from a heart attack is suing an energy drink beverage corporation. Alex Morris died at age 19 from a heart attack while consuming an energy drinks. Morris had consumed energy drinks on a daily basis for years.

The mom says that the Beverage Corporation does not provide strict enough guidelines, nor do they publicize long-term effects of drinking caffeinated products.



The FDA is investigating reports of deaths linked to energy drinks, including five that cite Monster beverages. But the agency noted that the reports don't prove the drinks caused the deaths.

This is the second lawsuit filed against the company. The others included a wrongful death of a 14-year-old girl that died after drinking two Monster drinks. Who holds the blame for overconsumption of any product? 

Would a warning label stating, "WARNING: This drink contains large amounts of caffeine and with prolonged use, may cause a heart attack!" prevent either of these deaths?

Let us know your thoughts below.


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