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mommy-and-me-playgroupsLearn how to arrange the perfect winter play date!

We are in the throws of winter and that means, for many of us, it is super cold outside. An outing to the park to meet other mommies and their kids either can’t happen, or it is met with so many complaints (mostly from you) about bundling up and he cold temperature. Sometimes, you need to find an alternative.


Lunch dates are okay, but they aren't as relaxing in a restaurant because you are on someone else’s feeding schedule. Mall walks are also an okay indoor idea, but having kids strapped in a stroller can only last so long. Another thing to factor in are the germs manifesting in the indoor play areas. You don't want your children immersed in one of those or bring anything home.

Benefits of Mommy Groups

Enter the idea of playgroups. Typically held at different mom members’ homes every week, playgroups are a chance to spend time with moms while your little ones get to socialize. There’s no place where you are more free to be yourself—even if that means cranky, comatose and complain-y—than in a gaggle of moms with young kids. Being with other women who understand you are coming off little or no sleep, have little or no time to primp and are flush with a slew of raging hormones has you feeling less of a mom-zilla and more like part of the crowd. 

If you aren’t in a mommy group yet, it’s time to get involved. If you are in one, make sure you take advantage of it and if you need more, join another. If there is not one around that appeals to you for any reason—the moms already know each other, the kids’ ages don’t mesh with yours, it is very crowded—then start your own. Even if you are new to an area or really not yet plugged into a mommy network, no worries.

We here at The List will share with you the top ways to spearhead your own group with tips on how to recruit and find and organize your mommy group to make sure you and your little one get in with the right crowd. Plus, we’ve included some basic info on what to know about hosting groups once they’re formed.

Top Ways to Recruit for Mommy Groups

  • Post flyers in local spots moms frequent like OBGYN and pediatricians’ offices, the library, and class gathering spots.
  • Get “calling cards” printed (for free online or make yourself) to hand out to moms you meet at the park, coffee place, the supermarket or other spots you always find yourself.
  • Use the internet. Check out social networking sites like poshmom.com, post your info on Craig’s List or join sites like meetup.com or seemommyrun.com to find other moms looking to hang out.
  • Recruit moms in mommy and me classes you take.
  • Ask friends, family, your babysitter, and co-workers to hook you up with other moms and to spread the word that you’re on the prowl.

Checklist for Mommy Group Hostess

  • Check in with moms to get final head count.
  • Room/rooms cleared for incoming kids.
  • Childproofing is in place.
  • Snacks and drinks are prepared for kids and moms (aware of any allergies)
  • Favorite toys (not easily shared) are stashed away
  • Book chosen for story time.
  • Materials purchased and set out for craft project.
  • Music/songs in place for sing-along
  • Spot set aside for kids who need a change (of the diaper that is).
  • Extra milk/diaper changing necessities/hand sanitizer on hand.

For more tips on mommy and me groups, check out Poshmom.

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