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ptr-mommysavers-125sqMommy Savers seeks to aid frugal moms in getting the best for their family despite a skimpy budget. Tools provided by the site in order to help mom save include coupons, budgeting tips, promotional codes and updates on bargains everywhere. A forum for like-minded bargain hunters hooks up moms in order to exchange information on sales and bargains that may have slipped the radar. They also talk about the latest online store bargains as well as tips on organizing and getting the word out on the next garage sale. I even noticed that some moms are trading things online to save money over this forum. Visit Website

There are other references available as well to learn the fine art of saving big that is featured on the site, for example, a book called "1000 Best Baby Bargains", which was written by the creator of MommySavers.com, Kimberly Danger. Saving money becomes fun and easy with resources like this.

Womensforum Partner: MommySavers joined as a valued partner in the womensforum network in 7/2005.

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