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ptr-mommytips-125sqMommy Tips provides good pointers to Moms for every concern they may have. Good shopping tips are bountiful whether you are looking to get the best deals on back to school clothes shopping, baby clothes, restocking your spice cabinet and any other household items. The parenting tips section offers recipes on how to make "super baby food", effective ways to get your kids to help around the house or how to approach the issues that should be thought out before allowing your tweenager to get an email or facebook account. Visit Website

Also the section on family fun makes some great suggestions on activities and special holiday games that the whole family can do together while the just for moms section addresses the hopes and fears that most moms go through at least a few times in their lives. MommyTips.com will give moms needed support for many day to day issues facing them.

Womensforum Partner: MommyTips joined as a valued partner in the womensforum network in 6/2001.

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