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Mommy-Me-TimeHaving a family can be stressful at times. Carve out a couple afternoons during the week to spend time with yourself.

Well, I'm not a mom yet, but I babysit enough to understand that moms need play time too! You go to work, spend time with your children and hang out with your husband: Isn't that a job in it's own?! When we're at work we take lunch breaks, right? So, why not take personal breaks from the entire week when you can spend time with alone? 


Christine Whitley, a Chicago business owner, explains how life can get a bit hectic with her two daughters and husband. But, she believes it's very important for moms to take care of themselves. She knows she's a better mom and nicer person overall if she's deliberate about taking time to do something nice for herself.

Two days a week, she has a babysitter come so she can work for her business. If she doesn't have work lined up on those days, she'll take the hour or two to eat lunch or read without the distraction of others. It makes a big difference with her attitude towards herself and makes her feel better about tending to her children and husband.

Don't forget, mommy-me-time is important too! It's not selfish of you to take out of your day to pamper yourself - Whether it be getting lunch, getting your nails done, a haircut, whatever it may be, you need time for you, too!

What will you do during your personal "me" time? Make a commitment this week to hang out with yourself, and not feel guilty about it!

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