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money-saving-diy-kitchen-remodeling-tips-video-hgtvRenovate your kitchen and save big just like Dave and Amber from HGTV’s “Professional Grade.”

Host Matt Blashaw of HGTV’s “Professional Grade” challenges couple Dave and Amber to save as much money as possible during their kitchen renovation.

See how the financially savvy DIY couple saved more than $7,000 remodeling their space and building a first-rate, contemporary kitchen. 

Goal: Save as much money as possible and create a professional-grade kitchen.   

Dave and Amber envision opening up their kitchen by knocking out an entire wall and replacing the old space with a peninsula. Renovations also include installing a slide-in stove within the peninsula and all new cabinetry. Upper cabinet doors will be replaced with glass. 

Custom Cabinets & Open Space

The biggest money-saving solution for Dave’s project is that he decided to make his own cabinets—the most important piece of furniture in the house, according to Blashaw’s "time out"—by himself. 

In addition to custom-build cabinets, opening up the kitchen space and knocking out the wall also defines Dave and Amber’s renovation. 

How to Remove a Kitchen Wall Without the Help of a Structural Engineer

  • Knock out the load-bearing wall
  • Install a beam
  • Keep the coved ceiling that Dave really likes
  • Cut out the remaining bottom of the cove; cove stays and everything below is removed
  • Ensure support

Discounted Kitchen Decor & Appliances

How to save money for DIY kitchen renovations the Dave-and-Amber way:

  • Shop online and order half-priced glass tile. (A steal: Retail price $800 tile for $400)
  • Repair a used, cracked sink (Best deal: Retail price $350 tile for $50)
  • Search for appliances at a factory outlet dealership (Saving big: Retail price $6,000 appliances for $3,500)

Results: A modern kitchen design with a clean and fresh appearance.

During a final inspection, Dave and Amber did indeed pass the test. Including materials and subcontracted labor, expert contractors estimated that the kitchen remodeling project cost an estimated $21,200. The actual cost was $13,600—a difference of $7,600!

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