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MONEY-SAVING-TIPS-FOR-MOMMY-AND-ME-TIMELearn how to hang out without going broke.

The weather is finally brightening up and the sunny days and warm temps are drawing you out of your house and out for the day (or morning or afternoon depending on nap times) with your little ones.

You can’t complain about the mommy groups that got you through the winter indoors and relatively cost-free, but it’s time to venture out.


So, you need to know about money-saving tips for your mommy and me time—because it will cost you! Although, it doesn’t have to be too much.

Whether you are signing up for classes, going out for lunch, hitting museums, packing the diaper bag and more, there are tons of money-saving tips for mommy and me time that you need to know about. Most places you’ll frequent have deals for young kids and for their parents too. Plus, there are certain strategies that guarantee you will save money from the time. Here at The List, we give you inexpensive mom and child activities and tips so you can stretch your dollars to stretch out to more good times.

Top 10 Money-Saving Techniques With Kids in Tow

  1. To minimize the risk of your child not liking a class (or not being able to enjoy it because the timing is close to nap time), ask if you can do a trial class before taking the plunge.
  2. Bring along a sibling if the facility offers a discount for family sign-ups. 
  3. Recommend friends to the class—some spots offer a discount for referrals.
  4. Pay for membership/tuitions up front so you don’t incur interest fees.
  5. Pre-measure formula for your diaper bag and carry it in a sectioned container rather than using manufacturers’ travel (pricey) packets.
  6. Re-use plastic food shopping bags as dirty diaper bags rather than scented store-bought ones.
  7. Always pack a mommy snack in the bag so you don’t have to stop off and choose something 'not on your healthy spectrum' nor pay to eat what you really don’t want. 
  8. Look for restaurants that offer free kids meals or discounted kids meals when mom or dad is a paying customer.
  9. Be aware that the 'under two crowd' gets in free at tons of spots like museums and zoos
  10. Check if you or your partner’s company is a corporate sponsor of any attractions like museums, aquariums or zoos. Employees typically get in free or at a discounted rate.
  11. Hoof it to mommy groups, the park, or the library when you can instead of getting in the car and save your gas and money. Kids love to go for walks, even if they're riding.

The money you save can be spent elsewhere-- like on a pampering mani/pedi for "me" time.

For parenting advice and info, check out www.poshmom.com

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