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monica-lewinsky-to-champion-cyberbullying-victims-after-joining-twitterLewinsky is back in the spotlight and doing some good for victims of cyberbullying.

The most famous White House intern, Monica Lewinsky, 41, has returned to the spotlight after making a moving speech about cyberbullying. Lewinsky became the center of media attention when it was revealed she and president Bill Clinton had an affair. Decades later, she has joined Twitter and is ready to destroy cyberbullying. 


"I fell in love with my boss in a 22-year-old sort of a way," Lewinsky said at the Forbes Under 30 Summit in Philadelphia.

After being the center of a sex scandal, she became a victim of cyberbullying, even before the rise of social media.

"I was patient zero, the first person to have their reputation completely destroyed worldwide via the internet," she said. During the scandal, Lewinsky said she was filled with a deep sense of shame and even contemplated suicide at times. 

"I would go online, read in a paper or see on TV, people referring to me as: tramp, slut, whore. Frankly, I came close to disintegrating," she recalled.

By sharing her own experience of cyberbullying, she said she hopes to help other victims. Since the rise of the sex scandal, social media has greatly evolved, making cyberbullying even easier. Even though there was no Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, Lewinsky said there were plenty of ways she was bullied such as gossip, emails, news and entertainment websites. 

Lewinsky joined Twitter and made a simple first tweet that said, "#HereWeGo." She already has over 50,000 followers. Follow her on Twitter and help her in her goal to help victims and end cyberbullying. 

Photo Credit: Splash


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