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monster-energy-drinks-may-be-dangerousThe Food and Drug Administration is Reporting Monster Energy Drinks May Be Dangerous.

Five people have died in the past few years in cases (possibly) related to energy drinks. The Food and Drug Administration is researching whether or not the deaths were due to the ever-popular Monster Energy drinks. The deaths date back to 2004 up until June 2012, and the findings stem from the death of a teenage girl's mother's research using the Freedom of Information act.

We all get tired, and those colorful cans are rampant at every grocery and convenience store. So what's the poison? It is caffeine. Caffeinated products are showing up as Monster Energy drinks and the ever-present -5-hour energy shot bottle options.

Do Monster Drinks Cause Death?

The teenage girl and other's deaths were due to reported heart attacks and a heart arrhythmia after consuming large cans of the Monster energy drink beverage. The reason this information is becoming public is that the mother of the 14-year-old girl has filed a lawsuit with Monster Energy Drinks, stating Monster Energy Drinks are dangerous and caused her daughter's death.

Current laws by the FDA state that caffeinated beverage companies do not have to tell the amount of caffeine and furthermore can advertise them as dietary drinks or just plain beverages. In the case of the young girl, she consumed caffeine levels of 240 milligrams, which is triple the amount of Red Bull (an 8 oz. can), and 50 milligrams higher than the larger Red Bull can (20-ounces). Therefore, her caffeine levels were high enough that her heart arrhythmia, an underlying condition, caused her death

On the flip side, the deaths are being investigated and have not ruled out alcohol or other drugs being involved. The FDA has said that the manufacturers of the energy drink have the responsibility to conduct investigations into the deaths. The deaths could have been due to underlying heart issues or health problems.

Until the FDA receives word that caffeine was indeed the deciding factor in the deaths and not other reasons, they will not act to regulate energy drink companies to disclose caffeine levels or tighten restrictions on amounts.

More on Monster Energy Drinks

Monster Energy Drinks come in a variety of flavors with "funky" names, including Monster Assault, Monster Rehab and Monster Heavy Metal. The labels on the drinks do state that people with caffeine sensitivity are not advised to drink it, as well as children under 12 years of age.

Do you drink Monster Energy? I have and I will say it did keep me alert. What do you think about drinking Monster Energy? We'd like to know on Facebook or Twitter!

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