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Every mom has her own tips and tricks when it comes to dinner time. Some swear by Sunday night meal prep, while others have the magical ability to turn any three random ingredients into a mouth-watering meal. 

As long as you make time in the morning for prepping your recipe, there’s practically nothing easier than slow cooking your dinner. More often than not, your recipe simply requires all of the ingredients put into a slow cooker and letting them be for four to six hours. For busy moms it's the perfect way to have a home cooked meal after a long day without having to spend too much time in the kitchen.


Despite all the time it saves you, people are often hesitant to embrace slow cooking due to their bad rep for being capable of only making stews and soups. However in reality they have the ability to slow cook practically any meal to perfection, be it a giant roast or some spicy chicken for tacos or yes, even a savory stew. The key to utilizing it to it’s full potential is by finding recipes that get tastier and soak up flavors the longer they cook.

16800--more-me-time-the-art-of-slow-cooking-photo02If you’re a slow cooking novice, one of the tastiest and easiest recipes you can make is this Classic Slow Cooker Spaghetti Bolognese. Slow cooking the savory sauce enhances the flavor which always makes it a winning recipe at the dinner table.



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