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more_of_sallys_favorite_kitchen_gadgetsAfter I completed my Top 10 Favorite Kitchen Gadgets, I realized I had many more items on my list. So here are my next favorites, or number 11-20.  These items will also streamline the preparation of ingredients and make your kitchen prep work more enjoyable:

11. Digital Oven Thermometers:

These are used to calibrate the temperature of your individual oven.  This is especially important for bakers, as baking is a very temperature-sensitive type of cooking.  Put the digital oven thermometer in the oven and turn the oven on. The thermometer and oven should both read the same temperature.  If not, have a repairman calibrate your oven.

12. Instant Read Food Thermometers:

I prefer the instant read Food thermometers. You put them in your food to test the temperature of the food near the end of the cooking time; you do not leave them in the food during the entire cookingprocess.

13. Timer:

Most of today’s ovens come with a timer but you may need more than one at a time. Some timers are digital, some are thermometer/timer combinations and with the DoneRight Digital Kitchen Timer you can set up to five separate timers at once so you can avoid kitchen disasters and create delicious headache-free meals.

14. Trivets:

Trivets are used on your dining room table or buffet table to keep hot containers from burning these surfaces.  They can be made of wood, metal, cork, or ceramic.

15. Corkscrew:

There are so many on the market so choose one that works best for you.  I prefer the tried and true inexpensive Wing style but have also used the Rabbit, Waiter-style and Screwpull to perfection.

16. Salad Spinner:

After cleaning your lettuce leaves in water in your sink, lift the leaves out of the water and put them in a salad spinner.  The spinner removes all the water from the leaves so the dressing will stick to the leaves.  If you plan to make the salad at a later time, you can drain the excess water and store the spinner (with the lettuce in it) in your refrigerator.

17. Ice Cream Scoop:

Some are equipped with anti-freeze, others use the natural warmth of your hand to soften the ice cream and the scoops are made of stainless steel, plastic and metal. Even Tupperware sells one with a soft-ergonomic handle.

18. Corn Holders:

Buy lots of these for summer entertaining.  The plastic ones can break so invest in a stainless steel set, if possible. You need 2 corn holders per person.

19. Garlic Press:

If you don’t like cutting garlic with a knife, a garlic press will come in handy.  Buy the kind that self cleans.  You reverse the press and all the garlic is removed from the small holes, which saves cleaning time.

20. Lemon Juicer:

Extracts juice from lemons and limes. If you don’t have this attachment for your hand mixer, buy a separate unit, either electric or not.  They come in glass, metal and stainless steel, great for summer lemonades, desserts and other drinks. Place the cut fruit on top of the knob and press down.  The juice will flow out; remove the seeds and use.

For more recipes and food tips from Sally, check out SallyBernstein.com.

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