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Getting food to people who struggle with hunger may begin with a food donation, but it truly takes a network of millions of volunteers to feed America. There are several different ways that people of all ages can help those who are at risk of hunger besides just donating. The Feeding America network of food banks utilize volunteers to feed the 46 million Americans that turn to food pantries to feed their families. 

It doesn't take a lot of time to make an impact - even a few hours a month can add up. In 2014, over 9.5 million hours were volunteered at local food banks, which is the equivalent of more than 4,700 full-time employees. Pledge to volunteer and find your local food bank at FeedingAmerica.orgHere are ways your family can get involved with your local food bank.

Hands-On Volunteering

Sorting, packing and stacking food is the most common job when volunteering for a food bank. Volunteers sort donated food and pack these products into family and individual-sized bags and boxes. If you have children who want to also volunteer, many food banks have special events each month that young volunteers can attend with an adult.

Each area is different, but many food banks have special opportunities available including mobile pantry distribution; packing specialty items such as backpacks or emergency food boxes; working at events; driving food to different locations; or picking up donated food. 

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Skills-Based Volunteering

Many local food banks need help beyond packing and distribution. Use your skills or professional expertise to help your local food bank in a different way. While needs vary from location to location, skill-based volunteer opportunities can include: 

  • Clerical and data entry work
  • Marketing, communications, website design or social media help
  • Trade skills like plumbing, electrical, painting or construction
  • Logistics, event planning and education

More than half of Feeding America network food pantries, meal programs and shelters rely entirely on volunteers to operate, so lending a hand with a skill you already do professionally can make a huge difference.

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Feeding America is a nationwide network of 200 food banks that provide food to Americans facing hunger through 60,000 food pantries and meal programs all over the country. Together we can solve hunger, so pledge to volunteer today and find local ways to get involved in your community!

Here are the ways your family can get involved with your local food bank.


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