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Life Hacks For A Smooth Morning

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With back to school rearing its anxious head, it's essential for families to start planning their morning routines. Sometimes you just don't have enough time to feel prepared for the big first day but we're here to help with some time (and life) saving morning hacks!

1. Pack an on-the-go toothbrush for those forgetful mornings when the kids rush out of the house and realize mid-drive that they forgot to brush their teeth. You will be their life saver, and your child's classmates won't have to smell any stinky morning breath. 

2. Did your child sleep through the alarm again?  Now they don't have enough time in the morning to shower? Baby powder is your best friend. Adults use it as dry shampoo to get rid of oily hair, and kids can do the same!

3. An everything kit is, well, EVERYTHING. These mini emergency kits can be DIY or you can buy one from your local department store. Pack a kit with essential on-the-go items including band-aids, hairspray, double-sided tape, earrings backs, stain remove towelettes, and more. Make sure the kit is a perfect compact size to throw in your kids backpack for a keepsake on days when they'll need it the most - like field trips!

4. Pack an on-the-go stain remover for those messy eaters. With this handy and space-saving tool, your kid's days can never be ruined by another food mishap again.

5. About to leave the house and notice a pair of favorite tennies are a mess? Use nail polish remover to take those stains right off the soles.

6. See your kids slipping on their way out the door? Use a glue gun to create little strips of traction on the soles of their shoes. 

7. Outsmarting bullies 101! If anyone tries to take their lunch money, your kids can do the ol' chapstick tube trick by placing lunch money in a empty chapstick tube. And when your kid comes home to tell you about those bullies, its hero mommy and daddy time. 

8. Too lazy to plan an outfit the morning of school? Create a daily outfit organizer, setting aside their outfits for every day of the week. The struggle has just become very unreal.

9. After dinner, set the table for breakfast the next morning with bowls, cups, plates and utensils for a crucial time-saving hack. This is even a great chore to have your kids do before they get ready for bed!

10. Do you ever feel like your kid wakes up too early or too late, just never on time? The outlet timer, commonly known for adding an automated timer to Christmas lights, is a great trick that can be used with your child's nightlight. Connect the timer to the nightlight and it will act as an automated timer, turning the light back on at a certain time to help your kids with the grueling morning wake up.

11. We hate this one: can't find a pair of matching socks? Create a "socks that need friends" box for lonely socks, and just be patient for the other sock to appear and be reunited! A few loads of laundry or the emptying of a gym bag are likely spots to find them. 

12. Organize the family's morning routine with family-friendly calendar apps like Cozi. Check out family-friendly scheduling apps here 

13. Serve your kid a large glass of ice water right when they wake up to help them feel more alive and less zombified in the mornings. This is just a friendlier take on the surprise ice water in the shower trick. Plus its beneficial to their healthy to drink one glass of water before their day starts. 

14. Play some uplifting tunes to reduce morning moodiness. Creating a playlist with your kids is a great way to motivate them for the mornings. 

15. Have a big family with minimal bathroom space? Set up an informal bathroom schedule with the family to minimize your morning tiffs.

16. For those unpredictable weather days, create a weather ready area in your mud room or near the front door to prepare your kids for varied weather conditions. This is a convenient space for the kids to remember to grab an umbrella or their marshmallow jacket on their way out the door.

One last tip: try not to get overly creative like this dad.

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