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mosaic-tile-decoratingUsing Ceramic to Brighten Your Home

Adding a new splash of life in a home is often tricky. Looking around, you may feel as though something needs to be done but be clueless as to what that something is. One great way to add some color and texture to a room is through mosaic tile decorating. Don't be intimidated by the seeming permanence of tile. There are plenty of small, simple projects you can tackle in a weekend that can make a big difference with a small investment.

Five Mosaic Tile Projects to Do Yourself

1. Mosaic Picture Frame

Even school children can manage smaller mosaic tile decorating projects with a little bit of guidance. If feeling hesitant, start off with something small, such as a picture frame. Many hobby or craft stores will carry a step by step kit to complete a tiled picture frame, so as long as you choose colors you like, it's almost foolproof. 

2. Tile End Table

After building a bit of confidence in your ability with a smaller project, you should move on to something larger and more substantial. An tile end table for the living room or a nightstand for the bedroom are good choices. Select a table made of material that can be easily covered and will be sturdy enough to hold the weight of the work. Remember that mosaic tile ceramic can be rather heavy once the work is completed. Speak with an experienced crafts person concerning what would be best to use for a project of this type. Often, you can find an inexpensive table or nightstand at a flea market that will do the trick.

3 and 4. Art Pieces and Stepping Stones

Two more common tile projects are art pieces and stepping stones. Both can be cast at home using ready to mix concrete. Your mold can be virtually anything that will hold a liquid. Stepping stones need to be at least 2 inches deep, but decorative pieces can be quite thin, as little as 1/2 an inch. Once the concrete has begin to set (about 30 minutes after pouring) you can begin placing your tile in the desired pattern or shapes. Use a drywall float to keep the tile pieces even in the concrete. Allow the concrete to cure in a dry place for 48 hours and remove it from the mold. Seal the entire project with tile and grout sealer. If you plan to hang a decorative piece, be sure to set hooks or other hangers into the concrete when you place the tile.

5. Mosaic Kitchen Counter Top or Back Splash

Feeling really ambitious? Try tackling a project such as a kitchen counter top or back splash. By using plenty of cobalt blue ceramic mosaic tile along with other bright, bold colors, a dull, lifeless room can be brought to life seemingly overnight. As an added bonus, the ceramic tile is extremely strong and will hold up very well over time. Since it is not something that is going to go out of fashion, so to speak, it can be a durable and beautiful change.

Mosaic tile decorating is not something new or trendy but a legitimate lasting style in its own right. There are those that pay massive amounts of money to obtain tiled furniture and other accents for their homes. Doing the projects and creating the works on your own does more than just save money; it offers an opportunity to create a lasting work of art that is also functional. 

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