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Barbecue food may not seem all that complicated, but many amateur grillers have approached the craft naive to the subtleties of grilling that will make their family's meal the envy of the block. 

Overthinking, under-preparedness and disorganization are just a few of the pitfalls that threaten to derail dinnertime every time you open your grill. 

To get a better grasp on what separates a good barbecue from a great barbecue, Womensforum spoke with The Cooking Channel's Chef G. Garvin about how to achieve grilled perfection. 

In Chef Garvin's opinion, one of the most common mistakes people make when grilling is overshooting and trying to do too much. 

"One of the biggest obstacles people have is worrying so much about what they’re gonna do and how they’re gonna do it. Be organized, take your time with it. At the end of the day, it’s all about having some fun with the grill." - Chef Garvin

16871 ABBQMistakeStaying organized is a big enough challenge throughout our day to day lives, but getting a lot of the tedious prep work done beforehand will free you up at that critical moment when the meat hits the grill. 

Prep work is often overlooked when it comes to barbecues, but as Chef Garvin explained, the steps you take beforehand can make your meal something to remember.

"It’s all about the marinade!" - Chef Garvin

Simply tossing some hamburger patties on the grill will fill your family's stomachs, but trying out different herbs and seasoning will introduce them to new flavors and turn dinnertime into an experience. 

When the time finally comes to heat the meat, the way you set up your grill is of utmost importance, Chef Garvin says.

"You want to have a hot side and a warm side. What that means is, you want to get a really great sear or grill marks on the grill and then let the cooking process continue on the warm side. Start the cooking process on one, finish the cooking process on the other." - Chef Garvin

This simple trick will give your food that signature sear from the grill without leaving the middle of the meat undercooked. Being thorough and thoughtful in the way you prepare your meal will really help the flavor come alive.

Just remember to do ample prep work, plan out your grilling process and avoid overthinking when you step up to the grill. By following Chef G. Garvin's advice, you'll be a barbecue master in no time! 

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