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Born To Bite: Most Dangerous Dog Breeds Revealed

Nearly any breed of dog can be dangerous under certain circumstances.  Size does not matter and people have been bitten or attacked from a variety of dogs, from the large mastiff dogs to the smallest chihuahua. The level of control an animal has over it's impulses, typically depends on how they were raised or how they are treated as puppies and how they have been trained and handled at home.

The jury has returned a verdict, however, and it's a clear fact that based upon genetic predisposition: some dog breeds are simply more aggressive than other breeds. The naturally aggressive breeds are typically the ones that people train to fight and to to become even more focused on violent response and aggressive. Because of this, apartments and housing communities ban certain breeds from their neighborhoods in an attempt to keep the people and particularly children safe. Unfortunately things still happen and people as well as children get attacked.

The top ten most dangerous dog breeds are considered to be:

  • Pit Bull: Originally from the US, Pit Bulls are commonly trained as fighting dogs.
  • Rottweiler: Originally from Germany, Rottweilers are commonly trained to be aggressive guard dogs and as fighting dogs.
  • German Shepherds: Originally from Germany, German Shepherds are commonly trained as police dogs.
  • Huskies: Originally from Alaska, Huskies are commonly trained to work in dog sled teams.
  • Alaskan Malamutes: Originally from Alaska, Alaskan Malamutes were breed to work in dog sled teams but now many are used as show dogs
  • Doberman Pinschers: Originally from Germany, Doberman Pinschers are commonly used as guard dogs and as police dogs
  • Chow Chow: Originally from Mongolia, Chow Chows are natural and aggressive guard dogs (even if they aren't trained to be one)
  • Presa Canario: Originally from the Canary Islands, Presa Canarios were developed for fighting and now they are known as fearless guard dogs.
  • Boxer: Originally from Germany, Boxers were originally bred for fighting and they are now used for police work, guard work, and performing tricks.
  • Dalmatian: Their origins have been in question for centuries, Dalmations were bred to run along horse-drawn carriages and now they are often trained for guard work.

All of the dogs on the most dangerous dog breed list were bred to be very active and  aggressive dogs. Some of them were used for a specific purpose such as dog sledding and some were created just to fight. The dog sledding breeds were specifically taught to think and make decisions quickly. They are very independent and smart and they need to see that there is a reason for the behaviors that they are asked to perform. All of these dogs are extremely independent and will be handled only by their owners.

If you don't know how a dog was brought up, then you should be deferring and respectful around these breeds. Almost all of the most dangerous dog breeds have a fierce guard dog mentality and if they feel that someone is threatening their territory, they have a predisposition to attack. If you want to pet one of these dog breeds, you should wait for the owner to introduce you to the dog so that it doesn't feel threatened.

Although it is the responsibility of a dog owner to leash and fence a dog in general and specifically to kennel dangerous dogs, it's not worth taking any chances if you know you have such an animal in your neighborhood.  Your children need to be carefully trained to avoid such animals and to always remain safely away from fences or yards where such dogs may be housed.  If you have children, you should also teach them how to be respectful of dogs so that they don't startle, run up to strange dogs or in any manner tease or tempt them.  Even shows of affection, moving toward or trying to pet or to hug a dog or take a toy or food away from them can be a dangerous move. Dangerous dog breeds have gotten a bad rap and it is not always deserved.  But as long as children and other animals fall prey to these animals and as long as owners are interested in cultivating their viciousness, and raising them to be aggressive animals, all of us need to be aware of them as well as careful around them.

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