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most-popular-interior-paint-colorsBest New Colors: Navy, Neutrals and Bold

A fresh coat of paint can lighten a room, re-inspire a space, evoke a new mood, and provide a breath of fresh air. 2011 has taught us that when it comes to color, the old rules are out, color is in and anything goes! Going into 2012, color remains the order of the day: Bold, true, saturated color is here to stay. The most popular interior paint colors may be traditional beiges, browns, and creams, but that doesn't mean they can't be incorporated to a modern color scheme that is anything but boring.

Blue is In

Navy is huge! From fashion to nail polish to interior paint, Navy rules. It is the "It" color right now, either for a navy accent wall, or an entire room in ultra-high gloss, for a super modern look. Periwinkle is another popular shade for 2012; its lighter hue makes it easier for whole room color. Blues, from Aqua to water tones, are going to be readily available and popular choices.

Going Green

Green shades, adopted from nature: moss, algae, and all shades foliage are a beautiful, rich choice, and will continue to gain in prominence and popularity. Bright pops of lime, apple or Kelly green add a fun, unexpected layer of color to brighten any room.

Seeing Red

Berry-inspired reds are going to be the most popular choice for 2012, but other vibrant choices are a "true" orangey-red or deep violet reds. These colors are best used for accents; they are too much for an entire room, but the old rules about mixing red with orange(or purple) are passé. Have fun with red!

Warm Neutrals

If you are working with a small room, or you aren't looking for so much color, warm neutrals in natural shades are perfect. The color of a field of grain, rain-washed pebbles, clay or weathered wood are natural inspirations for a room that goes beyond beige. Shades of gray are the most popular, and one of the easiest, neutrals to work with. A gray room with an aqua, yellow, red or navy accent wall is a lovely choice for a living space. Avoid pastels as a substitute for neutrals; they don't have the color saturation, and make a room look washed out. For 2012, experiment with textures in your neutral shades. Linen, burlap, actual wood--these add interesting elements to a neutral shade.

Global Decor Colors

Embrace elements of Africa, India, Turkey and Peru. These colors are tropical and whimsical: Apple green, Clementine orange, fuchsia, dark purple, mustard yellow. Bold, intense colors like this really show your personality and liven up a room. Do you have color commitment issues? Keep flashy hues confined to throws, pillows, and accessories that can easitly be replaced, moved or covered later on.

Colors for a Masculine Space

Vintage, earthy, sun-washed shades, grays and tones of mocha will help you to create a lovely, masculine space for the guy in your life. These are also excellent colors for a common area in your home. You might consider making a deal with your man--he gets to choose a color schme for the family or living room and you get to decorate the bedroom.

Ultimately, the most popular shade is the shade you love. Remember: anything goes. If you want a pink wall, have a pink wall. Just be smart about color choices and confine whims to less permanent objects. Of course, even walls are easy to paint, so don't be afraid to experiment.

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