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  • Dorothy and Glinda The Good Witch

    Dorothy and Glinda The Good Witch

    This costume idea is great because it'll have you diving in your closet for items that have probably been sitting in there for years. You have a frou-frou pink dress from being a bridesmaid? Use it! The owner of Brave In Love and mother/creator of this adorable mother daughter costume gives us the break down of how to complete this Wizard of Oz inspired ensemble.

    For Glinda, she used a dress that she already had lying around that she deemed a perfect fit for the pink tulle goddess that is the Good Witch. All that's needed for the crown is some craft jewels, sequins, a plastic file folder, a stapler, and a glue gun, allowing you to get as creative as you want! Lastly, pair it with some neutral colored pumps and you're all set to journey down the yellow brick road.

    Her little Dorothy was even less hands on. She found the dress on Ebay for only $12 and the iconic ruby red slippers at Target, and she's all set to click her heels together three times. She added a crinoline white petticoat underneath for effect. The toy dog was a stuffed animal that was already in the family, but you can find one at your nearest toy store.

    This costume proves that you don't need to race to the costume store to find items that ring true to classic characters.

  • Rainbow Brite and Twinkle

    Rainbow Brite and Twinkle

    For the Rainbow Brite costume, the owner of Pink Suede Shoe explains the materials needed to create the costume yourself!

    First you have the royal blue dress with a full skirt, adding a heavy under petticoat for volume. For the lining, she used white fusible fleece and added a red belt to the waist line. To complete the look, she bought two pairs of rainbow knee highs, one for the striped socks and one pair for the sleeves, in which you just cut the feet fabric off to create a pair of easy to slip-on full length sleeves. Match it with some red pumps and you'll be ready to brighten up the night!

    Now on to the adorably fluffy Twinkle! She purchased the striped tights at a thrift store, but she also suggests checking out any kid's stores for any variation of rainbow striped leggings or legwarmers. Our suggestion: Amazon!

    For those who live in colder environments, layering a red long-sleeve shirt underneath is recommended. She used the pattern of Simplicity's pumpkin bodysuit, and combined the hood (without the ears) from their lamb costume for the hoodie, using the measurements on the back for the yardage required. The fuzzy fabric used for the body suit is white silky furry fleece, which you can find at Joann's or other fabric stores. The belt is made of felt and nylon webbing for the blue band. Finally, the star antennae is created by attaching yellow felt to red fuzzy pipe cleaner and gluing it on to clips for easy detachment.

    This is definitely a couple costume that takes a lot of time and effort but the result is well worth the wait!

  • Raggedy Ann Dolls

    Raggedy Ann Dolls

    This one is all about thrifting the perfect finds and making the essential red yarn wigs to match! Katie, owner of Skunkboy Creatures, collaborated with A Beautiful Mess to share some tips on how to duplicate her and her daughter's old school rags.

    The materials needed to stitch the wig are red yarn, scissors (for cutting the desired length), red felt strips, embroidery floss or thread, and two hair combs per wig. The process seems fairly simple. Use the felt as your backing as you begin to backstitch your yarn to create a center part. You then stitch the hair comb for easy grip, ensuring that the wig stays on throughout all of your Halloween adventures. 

    The classic doll look is completed with collared button-up dresses, embroidered aprons, striped tights, bow details, and some face paint.

  • Sushi Chef and Her Little Creation (Sushi Roll)

    Sushi Chef and Her Little Creation (Sushi Roll)

    This costume is probably easier to put together than actual sushi! This mommy and creator of The Little Big Blog shared with us her steps to making this adorable (almost too cute to eat) sushi and sushi chef mommy daughter costume.

    She already had an authentic kimono and obi belt that a friend brought back from Okinawa, but you can find them online at sites like Amazon or Etsy.

    As for the precious sushi roll, the salmon pillow and green nori belt were sewn together in a matter of minutes. And for those who aren't as sewing machine savvy, search for an already made small salmon throw pillow and wrap around a dark green men's tie. Complete the look with a toddler's all white onesie.

    Arigatō for this adorable costume idea, Carrie Anne! 

  • Ghost Family

    Ghost Family

    Who said babies can't be ghoulish on Halloween?! Although we love the cutesy costumes, it's OK to be spooky with your youngster and show them that ghosts can be just as darling in their own right! The owner of the blog Armour Girl took to her site to post this costume idea and how it all came together.

    For her little girl, she went antiquing and found the entire ensemble including the dress, the slip, the christening robe and the baby shoes. To really emphasize the deadly aspect of the costume, she used baby safe natural makeup from Terra Firma Cosmetics.

    Her outfit was also found at the antique store and was comprised of a 1950s nightgown and robe for only $10! She finished the look with regular Halloween face paint, black cream eyeshadow, and her own green concealer from her Makeup Forever camouflage palette.

  • Wednesday Addams and Cousin Itt

    Wednesday Addams and Cousin Itt

    This costume choice earned this mother and daughter duo the title of costume champions at a Mummy and Me costume contest, and we would have to say it was well deserved!

    For the Wednesday costume, the dress was sewn with fabric from their local fabric store, velcro, and black buttons. The front is actually made to look like it buttons up, but for convenience and time constraint purposes, they used Velcro to piece the dress together and sewed on some buttons in the front to make it appear authentic. The wig was found on Amazon, the tights from Walmart, and the all-black combat boots from Ross. For the makeup she used a light foundation set with pale makeup powder, and around the eyes she used a brown eyeshadow.

    Cousin Itt's luscious locks were created with Lady Godiva's 60 inch wigs found at their local Halloween store, sewed onto a nude stretch fabric body wrap and hood. The sunglasses are from Ross and the black bowler hat was purchased on Amazon

  • Maleficent and Sleeping Beauty

    Maleficent and Sleeping Beauty

    For those of you who have been skimming the slideshow for at least one costume idea that is pre-made, this one is it! The blogger for All Dressed Up With Nothing To Drink found her costume on AMI Clubwear, but unfortunately they don't carry it this year. Luckily we found the costume on Target for $89.99 or variations of it for even cheaper! She paired her horns with black opaque tights, black patent leather Mary Jane heels, and combinations of dark eyeshadows to create a deep smokey eye.

    For her little princess, she bought her Aurora costume at Costco. We found the exact same dress at Costume Craze or a true pink Sleeping Beauty gown that mirrors the original Disney movie get up.

    With our newfound knowledge of Aurora and Maleficent's relationship as seen in Disney's newest prequel Maleficent, we can't help but think that this idea is perfect for a mommy daughter Halloween costume!

  • Madeline's Miss Clavel and Her Students

    Madeline's Miss Clavel and Her Students

    Make reference to children's literary gold in this spectacularly nostalgic mother daughter Madeline costume. Erica, blogger of ericaholland.com, used her costumes to tell a childhood tale. She briefly mentioned using fabrics and patterns brought over by her mother-in-law to sew the almost identical depictions of Miss Clavel's students, including Madeline herself! Although she didn't go into detail as to how to complete the looks, we decided to give you some ideas of our own!

    Finish the look with children's white opaque tights, all black Mary Janes, and a yellow summer straw hat. Tie a red satin bow around the hat to allow these figurative characters to truly come to life!

    For Miss Clavel, reuse any long sleeve black dress you have hanging in your closet, or even a long black sleeve shirt paired with a black midi skirt. Couple it with black tights and a nun veil to make you feel worthy of any French vine-covered maison. 

  • Russian Nesting Dolls

    Russian Nesting Dolls

    This costume is perfect for a family with more than one little gal running around! Not to mention, it only requires two kinds of fabric: felt and quilt! It's a great costume idea for the kids to feel involved in the process as it allows them to cut the shapes and watch you sew together the finishing product.

    The blogger of Homemade Mimi gave her readers some insight into how she created her Matryoshka dolls Halloween costume. She used Me Sew Crazy's tutorial, in which you fold the felt in half, draw half of the Matryoshka doll, and cut! Before sewing the front and back she then personalized each doll with scrap fabric (this is when the kiddos come in handy!)

    Not only is this costume amazingly unique but it also has a great underlying meaning-- that family becomes a unit, like a whole, and that family can fit into each other's lives perfectly!

  • Monsters, Inc. Boo and Roz

    Monsters, Inc. Boo and Roz

    We love a good Pixar reference and this one is no exception! Kristina created this costume and was featured on costume works for her Pinterest-worthy creativity.

    You can never go wrong with a Boo costume. This one was all homemade using purple sequin fabric, purple sparkled corduroy, batting, white minky fabric, pipe cleaners, foam balls, white felt and yarn.

    The Roz costume was made from materials more easily accessible at department stores such as her red cardigan and cat eye glasses. To complete the look, she gelled her hair into Roz's iconic fohawk and mimicked the pointy red lips and chin mole with makeup.

    Just practice Boo's "Mike Wazowski's" and Roz's grouchy demeanor and you'll be channeling them in no time!

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