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Screen Shot 2018 04 24 at 12.45.46 PM CroppedMothers are appreciated and celebrated differently all around the world.

Although Mother's Day has been a tradition around the United States for hundreds of years, the U.S is not the only country that takes a day to appreciate Mom!

The first country to ever start a Mother's Day was the United Kingdom, who started "Mothering Sunday" in the 1600's. From there, Mother's Day has exploded into a global phenomenon, but each country celebrates differently.

Mother's Day Celebrations Worldwide

Surprisingly, not all Mother's Days are held on the same day around the world. Here are a few countries that differ in dates, as well as cultural celebrations.


  • Mexico: Instead of being held on a Sunday each year, Mexico fixes Mother's Day on May 10. On that day, churches all around the country host special masses, and play the famous "Las Mananitas" orchestra piece for mothers all around. Mothers are also presented with a typical morning meal of tamales & atole.
  • United Kingdom: Like mentioned earlier, the UK was the first country to host a Mother's Day. This "Mothering Sunday" was supposed to break up the Christian fasting season of Lent, so it is held on the fourth Sunday of Lent. Mothers are typically presented with a "Mothering Cake," also known as a "Simnel Cake" which is usually a rich-almond flavor.
  • Ireland: Similar to UK traditions, Ireland also hosts Mother's Day on the fourth Sunday of Lent. During those days, parents (and children at the time) would have work off to worship the Virgin Mary at their "Mother Church," which is the mother to their closer daughter churches. Afterwards, Moms are typically presented with flowers as well as mothering cakes.
  • South Africa: Even though South Africa also hosts Mother's Day on the second Sunday of May (like the United States), they have a tradition of wearing carnations. Pink and red carnations are presented for mothers to wear throughout the day, and white carnations are put on display in memory of mothers who have passed.
  • Thailand: Forget the month of May; Thailand celebrates Mother's Day on August 12! This day is to not only celebrate mothers, but to also celebrate Queen Sirikit's birthday. A light festival and parade are hosted in her honor on this day.

What other awesome Mother's Day traditions and cultural celebrations have you heard of? Tell us about them!

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