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Mother's Day might be the most wonderful day of the year here at WomensForum. So we're especially excited that our contributor and Fountain of 30 editor - and mom - Lauren Dimet Waters - shared some sweet stories about her experience with Mother's Day from both perspectives, first as a daughter and then as a mother herself.

As Well-Meaning Daughter

I have always loved Mother’s Day. I used to get so excited to make or find the perfect gift for my mother on a beautiful spring day and now that I am a mother, I still appreciate that it’s my day in my children’s eyes.

I have one vivid memory of a Mother’s Day when I was a very little girl. I could not have been more than 5 or 6 and I wanted to give my mother something really special. Now I’m sure my father was going to (or did) take me to a store to buy her something but I felt very strongly I should give her something from my heart, made by me.

I had an empty perfume bottle of hers that I thought was particularly pretty and I would fill it with water and pretend I was getting “dressed” to go out. I was always playing with my mother’s makeup. I could spend hours (it was probably only a half hour but it seemed longer in my young mind) watching her get ready to go out for the evening.

Anyway, I had the genius idea to make my mom her own special fragrance for Mother’s Day so I emptied my treasured bottle of water and headed to her dressing room. Like a scientist I took a little from each of the bottles of perfume on her dressing table and filled my little bottle. I had probably mixed 4-5 different perfumes. I shook it up and voila, I had her gift. Her own signature scent.

I proudly presented it to my mother on Mother’s Day who pretended to be so delighted and even put some on. I’m sure it smelled horrid looking back but I remember my mom displaying her signature fragrance on her dressing table with her others and I could swear some disappeared (down the toilet I’m sure). But she loved the gift and displayed it proudly - and I was so happy that I was able to make glamorous mother something that she loved. 

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And As A First-Time Mom 

Fast forward to my first Mother’s Day as a mother and to say I was excited was an understatement. I’m sure every mother on earth remembers her first Mother’s Day.

My son Liam was seven months old and my husband’s family has a tradition of going to Belmont race track to watch the races on that particular day, so my husband proudly walked around with our giant baby in a Baby Bjorn all day.

Liam was so good and for some reason would not stop eating. He also drank bottle after bottle of formula which seemed unusual. So when we were headed back to the city my husband and I did what we always did back then and shopped at a grocery store because groceries outside the NYC city limits are about half the price as those in the city.

Liam was happy in his baby seat propped on the cart wearing his Sunday-best Ralph Lauren outfit and all was great until this massive white bubble came out of his mouth and he started turning red. Needless to say I was freaking out, and so was my husband. I picked him up immediately and burped him and out came every single drop of formula he had consumed that day.

I was so thankful he was okay of course, but both of us were a mess! Right there in the middle of the grocery store. My heart was racing a mile a minute because I was so scared and I was thinking ‘this could have been my first and my last Mother’s Day’ so I was just relived my baby was fine. I didn’t care that I was covered in baby vomit and smelled. Needless to say we went right home. Instead of going out for dinner I was happy with a shower and take-out. Luckily my Mother’s Days have just gotten better. How could they not?

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Lauren Dimet Waters

EIC of FountainOf30.com


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