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mothers-day-gifts-for-expecNo matter how far along she is, a mommy-to-be’s first Mother’s Day is always so exciting. While she hasn’t given birth yet, an expecting mother should still be celebrated on this day that recognizes moms everywhere. We’ve got some gifts for a mom-to-be that will help her be a little more comfortable during her exciting pregnancy.

6 First-Time Mother's Day Gifts For Expecting Moms

  1. Maternity Clothes! Clothes for pregnant women can run pretty expensive these days. Buy an expecting mother a stylish maternity outfit that will help her feel confident. 
  2. Comfy Shoes: For a pregnant women, swollen feet come with the territory. Getting her a comfortable pair of shoes like Crocs, Dr. Scholl’s or sporty sandals (along with a nice foot soak) will help ease the pain. 
  3. Housekeeping Service: I’m sure having a baby growing inside of a woman can make it a little difficult to clean her home the way she really wants to. Hire a cleaning service or offer to clean her place a couple times a week to help out is one of many great gift ideas for pregnant women.
  4. Prenatal Yoga DVD: The fitness and health of women who are expecting is really important. For a mom-to-be who may not feel like leaving the house, a yoga DVD will help her stay fit from the comfort of her own home. 
  5. Aroma Therapy Heat Pillow: With all of those changes going on in her body, especially in the last trimester, it might be hard for an expecting mother to get a good night’s sleep. Get her this special heat pack to help relax her muscles and she’ll love you forever. They even come with a cinnamon scent!
  6. Stretch Mark Cream: It’s no secret the little person inside of her belly is taking her stomach out of its comfort zone. A simple bottle of stretch mark cream will help her be a little more confident in showing off her post-baby tummy. 


Whether she just found out she’s pregnant or ready to give birth any day now, for an expecting mother, a little help goes a long way. Mother’s Day is a perfect reason to show her you care and support her.

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