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MOTHERS-DAY-MEMORIALS2We have a way to grieve and a way to heal by remembering your mom on Mother's Day.

Unfortunately, for some, Mother's Day is not a day for celebration, but rather for sadness and loneliness. They find themselves having a difficult time facing the day that is coming as their loved one is no longer with them. For these people, it is becoming popular to plan a memorial on that day called a Mother's Day Memorial

Mother's Day Can Be a Celebration of the Life of Your Mom

For those of us whose mothers have passed on Mother's Day could be a day of sadness but a new trend can help you turn thoughts of your deceased mom to a happier note.  There is great healing and great joy can arise from the simple act of finding a way to remember and creating a lasting memorial to share with family members who knew her or never met her.

Spiritually uplifting activities can be planned to bring to mind the happier days and memories that you remember from your childhood. Joining other members of the family to travel or visit the church your mom went to or the place she is buried would be possibilities.  You might want to solicit from family members, memories that can be immemorialized about the years of growing up with mom.  Your own children and grandchildren can learn about your history and will forever cherish such a conscious journey back to a childhood environment or neighborhood.

Even the compiling of a few little stories and photographs of your Mom who has passed and sharing them with other family members might ease the sense of loss and give others a smile on Mother's Day.  Creating a memorial website would be a wonderful way to begin.

The idea is to invite other friends who have also felt the hurt of losing a mother. Organizing a Mother's Day Memorial does take a bit of planning. First, you must decide if this is going to be a large affair or a small, quiet, cozy get together. If you choose the latter, having the event in your home would be a suitable arrangement. The Mom's Memorial guest list is also an important aspect of your planning. If your mom was a public figure, the guest list would be larger and this would require having the affair in a larger venue.

Some people may not feel comfortable attending one of these memorials so you may want to ask around and get some idea of how the guests you are planning to invite might feel about the event. You also need to make the affair cost effective to your budget. Again, this would require proper planning and not something you could throw together on a whim.

You might also consider creating an event for a group of friends who could also share memories of thier moms with you and others as an honoring.

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