Movie Night Outfit IdeasNeed a fabulous outfit for your movie night tonight? We are here to help…always!

Whether you are staying in to watch a movie or heading out, you’ll need to look your best. Just because it’s dark in that theatre, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look fabulous and chic! What should you wear if you are just kickin’ it with the girls? What should you rock when on a movie date with your man? Be yourself, be comfy yet sexy and stylish. Here’s how!

160321030Movie Night In Outfit Ideas With Your Ladies

Honestly, you are with your best girlfriends. This is your one chance a weekend with your busy schedule to wear PJs and be comfy. Although, we know you probably hang out in some fat sweatpants, long T-shirts with no makeup on and a mud mask when you are home alone. We won’t tell. You don’t have to go that far! Rock some cute Hello Kitty PJs or a nighty with a cupcake design. Put your hair up with a girly scrunchy and do some minimal makeup. Get cozy in a sleeping bag and watch some rom-coms with your ladies or maybe some scary movies.

With Your Man

What you wear depends crucially on how well you know this man. If you just started dating, you may want to put a little more of an effort into your outfit (not that you need it, of course). Consider leggings. They are tight, sexy and much more comfortable for movie night than skinny jeans. Pair it with a tank top and a light sweater. If he’s been your husband or boyfriend for years, stick with some tight leggings and pair it with a low cut top and remind him just how sexy you can be, even on movie night!

Movie Night Out Outfit Ideas On a Date

Stiletto heels may be a little over the top when it comes to the movies. You’re sitting and he won’t even see them. Stick with flats, pumps, wedges or kitten heels. They are more comfortable. Wear a rockin’ pair of skinny jeans and a blue top. Blue is a very calming color and will match with the atmosphere of the evening. Wear a couple pieces of chunky jewelry to really complete the outfit. Want something a little dressier? A little black dress never fails! Make it more casual by wearing kitten heels or flats and add in some color with a little costume jewelry.

With the Girls

It’s your night out with your besties so dress girly or like a rock star; two fun options. Colored skinny jeans are all the rage right now. How about light pink skinny jeans and a lacy white top? In the mood for something a little edgier? Flaunt your stuff in black pumps, black skinny jeans and a beaten band T-shirt. Wow, you’re going to look great!




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