makeup-multitask-productsCut down your getting ready time with these beauty staples.

Makeup multitaskers are a girl’s best friend. Multiple makeup use products help you save time and money and who doesn't like to do both? If you want to be beautiful on a budget or want a way to cut down the makeup process in the morning, try these multi-purpose beauty products.

Multipurpose Beauty Products

Lip and Cheek Tint, Stain or Balm: Many products can be used to give color to your lip and cheeks. Try dabbing on the lips and just a little on your index finger and apply on the apple’s of your cheeks.

Bronze and Blush: Bronzers are great for giving a summer glow, but if you switch it up one day and use just as a blush with a little contour, you’ve gotten a whole new look.

Eye, Cheeks and Lip Color Stick: Color sticks are great for multiple areas of the face. You can use one stick on every part of your face to add a tint of color.

Foundation, Primer/Tinted Moisturizer: This three in one product allows for a smooth face and surface for an even finish. No more going through five steps before applying blush because all you need is just this one.

Shop your favorite makeup store for all of these multi-purpose beauty must-haves.

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