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The lineups have been announced, the tickets have been purchased and the spring sunshine has finally returned. All of this can only mean one thing: It's finally outdoor musical festival time again.

Let's keep it real- you're going to be so focused on seeing your favorite artists and hanging with your friends that staying safe is going to be the last thing on your mind. Lucky for you, we're taking care of the safety part for you; all you need to do is follow these essential tips. Just make sure to brief your fellow music festival buddies before you head out.

Music Festival Safety Tips

Buddy System or Bust

Wandering off alone in a crowd of nearly 100,000 people isn't a good idea. Ever. So if you need refreshments or to use the restroom, pair up with someone in your group as your music festival buddy. Music festivals aren't fun (or safe) when you spend the entire time alone searching for your friends. Speaking of which...

Pick A Meeting Spot

Before your group splits up, make sure you have a designated place you're going to meet at the end of the day or in case of emergency. That way if any of your phone dies you'll know where to find your friends. It never hurts to keep a physical map of the festival grounds in your back pocket.

Keep In Contact

Cell service is notorious for getting jammed at any major music festival simply due to the massive amounts of people. So it's always good to have another form of communication as a backup when you can't make a call or send a text. Apps that use wifi, cellular data or bluetooth to communicate are your best bet. GroupMeis an app that will let you message your group, coordinate a meet up and broadcast your location only using cellular data.

Bring Your Own Water Bottle

Cocktails, beer and soda are all fun for a music festival but nothing hydrates better than water. If you’re out dancing and partying in the sun, you'll need some H2O. Bring your own water bottle, as most festivals have refill stations on the grounds. Consider downloading an app like WaterIn that will remind you when you need to rehydrate. 

Keep An Eye On Your Drinks

If you decide to get your drink on at a music festival, feel free to- as long as you're keeping an eye on your drinks. First make sure you're not drinking so much that you'll get sick. Second, don't accept a drink from a stranger and finally, don't leave your drink unattended. This may be standard trip to the bar protocol, but an extra reminder never hurts.

SPF is Your Friend

You are going to look and feel miserable for days if you don’t use sunblock. Use the highest SPF you can find (SPF 30 at the lowest) and continue to apply it throughout the day since it can come off with sweat. If you don't think that you'll remember to re-apply your sunblock every few hours, download an app to remind you. 

Function Before Fashion

Music festivals are often as much of a runway as they are a concert, but at the end of the day, it's better to keep you and your stuff safe than to have new pictures for your blog's look book. Make sure your outfit has pockets (preferably ones that zipper) to keep your cellphone, ID and money safe. Other options to keeping your stuff safe include fanny packs and stuffing your credit card into your sock. 

Trust Your Gut

If you notice a shady person or find yourself in a situation that feels wrong, trust your gut, walk away and report it. There's no second guessing when it comes to your safety.

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