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musical_instruments_for_young_kidsWhat are the Best Musical Instruments for Elementary Aged Kids?

Introducing the fascinating world of musical instruments for young kids into the lives of your children can be an important step for which you and your kids will be forever grateful. Your children have probably already decided which instrument they want to play, but remember it is wise to start off with something simple. If you push too hard or let your child pick a difficult instrument to start on, you are both likely to end up discouraged.

Rent to Own and Payment Plan Instruments Your Kids Will Love

As with all musical instruments for young kids, music lessons will be needed and no one can forget about practicing daily for at least 30 minutes. Most elementary schools begin offering musical instruments as part of the children’s education, but because these instruments can be expensive. Fortuanately, there are several ways to reduce the cost of a child's instrument. There should be a local musical instruments store within your local area where you can choose from renting, purchasing or using a payment plan, which usually requires a line of credt. Yard sales, pawn shops, and flea markets are also good places to look for intruments. Talk to your child's music teacher to see if he or she has any students willing to sell a used instrument. Often music students have older intruments that they have outgrown and are willing to sell them at a reasonable price.

Recommended Music Instruments for Children

The violin is very difficult and takes more practice than any other instrument. A ukulele or even an acoustic guitar would be a better choice simply because they offer more points for success to the child who is learning them. This is why picking the right first instrument can make or break your child’s spirit when learning to play. If you pick something that is too difficult or an instrument your child isn’t interested in, then you run a risk of your child experiencing too much failure when trying to play.

Percussion instruments, such as drums, are one of the best musical instruments for young kids that you could ever ask for. Most classes will start them out on a basic snare drum. Thanks to a silencing drum pad that comes with most models, you can let them bang away all they want. Learning to play the drums is a great way to begin learning musical notes and learning to read sheet music, which are two skills that no musician can ever be without.

The piano is the classic first choice for learning a musical instrument because they are so readily available and lessons are very easy to find. Some communities even offer free or reduced price lessons for low-income children. If you already have a piano in your home, it is a natural first instrument for your child.

Other great musical instruments for young kids include the trumpet and the trombone. The trumpet is a classic instrument that may look easy to play but is medium in difficulty. Many children choose to play the trumpet thinking that the three buttons on the instrument make it easier, but playing one requires skill and practice just like any other musical instrument.

No matter what instument you and your child choose, It is highly recommended that you push your child to stick with an instrument until they succeed with learning it. If you are worried about making a wasted investment, you can always rent before buying.

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