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  • Musicians Who Got The Barbie Treatment

    Musicians Who Got The Barbie Treatment

    Although she loves to sport her signature pink, we all know that Barbie looks good in anything, even a guitar! In fact, she's so rockin' that Barbie is releasing an all-new musical DVD titled Rock 'N Royals that follows Princess Courtney all the way to rock camp.

    This isn't the first time Barbie has gone all rock-n-roll. Here are 10 musicians who received the Barbie rockstar treatment through the years.

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  • Barbara Streisand

    Barbara Streisand

    It's Babs! The singer/actress has as many titles as Barbie herself... almost. The 1960's were a pivotal time for both Barbie and Babs. It was a decade where both began their historic rise to icon status. Barbie's Barbara Streisand incarnation is dressed as she appeared in her memorable appearance on the Judy Garland show here

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  • Diana Ross

    Diana Ross

    Barbie magic captures the "supreme" Diana Ross dressed to the nines in a Bob Mackie number to represent her 1970's look. The glam singer has a lot in common with Barbie, both are strong independent women who never turn down a glam moment. You can find the Diana Barbie here


  • Cyndi Lauper

    Cyndi Lauper

    Cyndi Lauper as Barbie is a match made in 80's heaven. Both were pretty rockin' - check out the Barbie and the Rockers dolls with all of that poofy hair! Although Barbie's hair has lessened in volume these days, we will always have this Cyndi Lauper Barbie as a reminder of those fun times. You can find the 80's queen of cool rock here

    And for little modern rockers today who wants to raise their voice like Cyndi, they can jam with Princess Courtney in the new Rock 'N Royals (*link to dvd) movie that follows Princess Courtney all the way to rock camp!


  • Jennifer Lopez

    Jennifer Lopez

    Barbie was basking in a glam moment when they released the J. Lo Barbie. Who better than "Miss Jenny from Block" to get the Barbie treatment? Both are known for their flawless appearances and amazing work ethic, plus it seems neither really seem to age. You can find the J. Lo doll here

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  • Cher


    It's so Cher! Fashion guru Bob Mackie was the inspiration for the stunning lilac gown and marabou feathered shawl gracing the always spotlight catching singer. We'd love to see a duet with this 70's pop icon and Barbie's Rock 'N Royal's Princess Courtney.

    This Barbie looks as fab as the real Cher! Find the 2001 "Cher Timeless Treasures" collector's doll here.


  • Elvis


    Ken has nothing on Elvis in this Blue Hawaii island inspired ensemble. The film was released in 1961 when Barbie was still in her early years. You can find this hunk of burning love right here!

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  • Joan Jett

    Joan Jett

    The "I Love Rock N' Roll" singer is an 80's rock legend. Her doll was released as part of Barbie's "Ladies of the 80's" Collection. You can't get any more rocker than her feathered shagadelic hair cut, black leather pants and red chucks. Get the ultimate female rocker Joan Jett doll here

    Today, young girls can continue the female rockstar trend with Barbie™ who stars as Princess Courtney in the new movie Rock 'N Royals (*link to dvd). Courtney is a modern princess who switches places with Erika, a famous rockstar. Both girls must embrace their differences, find their true voices, and come together for an epic sing-off that shows anything is possible when you dare to dream big!


  • Reba McEntire

    Reba McEntire

    It's not all rock-n-roll for Barbie. She can be a little bit country, as seen here with this beautiful Reba McEntire doll. You can find this country icon as Barbie here


  • Rock Hudson and Doris Day

    Rock Hudson and Doris Day

    This singing duo starred in the hit musical film Pillow Talk the same year Barbie was born. Even after 50 years, both the film and the legacy of Barbie have remained classics. Get the classic couple here.


  • Debbie Harry

    Debbie Harry

    Blondie's Debbie Harry was chosen as a decade diva for Barbie's "Ladies of the 80's" Collection. Barbie's Rock N' Royal's Princess Courtney definitely took notes from this punk rocker. Scoop up the Heart of Glass singer here

    Check out our Musicians Who Got The Barbie Treatment playlist

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