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Whether you’re planning a girls’ night out or your upcoming honeymoon, technology can make life’s special moments even more fun. With that in mind, we’ve rounded up the best phone apps for any step of your journey.

Top Apps for All The Single Ladies

First up, an ode to our lovely single ladies out there: Enjoy your independence, flirt freely, and travel the world. These apps can help make it all happen.


One of the most exciting things about being single is the ability to date around and develop that butterflies feeling. If you’ve ever fallen in lust with someone sitting across from you on the bus, then you’re in luck—Happn lets you find people you’ve literally crossed paths with. Think of it as a real life “missed connection,” but this time, you can find the person and strike up a conversation. Add photos to your profile, write a clever bio, and make things happen!

Happy Hours

Maybe you’re trying to lock down that first date spot, or just heading out with your girlfriends. Either way, Happy Hours has you covered. Simply select your city, day of the week and time of day, and the app will populate the best deals in town based on your location. Who knew that $5 cocktails and half-off pizzas were in walking distance? Score.


Another great thing about the single life is the opportunity to meet lots of new people, near and far, with no questions asked. That’s where Tripr comes in. This app combines the joy of travel with the excitement of meeting fellow vacationers. You’ll get to build your profile, set your trip details, and connect and chat with both travelers and locals. Not entirely sold on the stranger route? Connect with your Facebook friends and see who else will be traveling near you.

Top Apps for Couples

Calling all couples! Sharing your life with another can be so rewarding, nd these apps make it even more exciting (and easier) to do so.  

Target Cartwheel

There’s no denying it - a lot of couples spend most of their weekend afternoons at Target. Next time you’re browsing the aisles and stocking up on fun household goods, whip out Target’s Cartwheel app to see what savings are in store for you. It’s also super helpful for last-minute gifts. So go ahead, surprise him with that PlayStation 4 game that’s on sale.


Cooking for each other doesn’t have to be a chore. BigOven has thousands of recipes, broken down into categories (ahem, Valentine’s Day Desserts), so you can quickly find and whip up the perfect creation. There’s also an option to add your own grocery list and meal planner, so weeknight dinners can run smoothly. It’s less overwhelming than Pinterest, but packed with the same delicious pictures.


Hello, honeymoon! While you’re snapping pictures of your Hawaii getaway or family vacation, share them with friends and family by turning them into real-life postcards. Postagram lets you choose from tons of cool designs and add a personalized touch. Bonus: Everyone loves the novelty of receiving snail mail these days!


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