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must-have-running-gear-videoAttention runners! Here are the most effective running products to keep you going and address muscle injuries.

Those of us that run understand that as enjoyable and rewarding as it is, at times our muscles can become sore and we can develop injuries. In this video, Andrea Metcalf explains the latest and most effective running supplies each runner can benefit from. All running products address muscle injuries, whether it be hamstring or quadricep pain, calf muscles or foot issues, just to name a few. And you may be surprised at what these running tools look like!

Watch as our Andrea explains how to alleviate pain from running with this must-have running gear.

Best Running Tools

  1. The Stick Roller: Available in different sizes, the roller can be used on the thigh, hamstring, or any other area, much like you would use a rolling pin. There are also travel sizes available. The roller helps rub out muscular pain. This tool might look intimidating at the gym, but using it results in amazing benefits! 
  2. Muscle Massager: Though it looks very similar to a dog toy (see video), the muscle massager can be placed beneath the foot and will work out any pain, in addition to stretching the underside of the foot 
  3. Prostretch: Metcalf demonstrates how this practical running tool stretches both the calf muscles and hamstrings by rocking it back and forth. 
  4. KT Tape: Used to reduce muscular pain, enhance athletic performance and increase flexibility, this tape is effective in treating plantar fasciitis, tendinitis, ITBS and shin splints. This adhesive tape can additionally reduce muscular recovery time and prevent injuries.

Of course, Metcalf recommends checking with your doctor or physical therapist if you are having unusual pain. We hope this video on running supplies helps as you continue to bound along the trail!

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