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17896 movie buff header

Whether it's a friend, a family member or yourself, everyone knows someone who is super into movies. They can spout out random movie trivia at the drop of a hat, and always know the details of films currently in production. If this sounds familiar, say hello to our little list of must-have items for every movie buff.

1. Anthology Candles Scented Soy Candle

17896 Belles Library Candle










You've got the big screen, you've got the surround sound, now you can even smell the movie, especially if you're a big Disney fan. These candles transport you to places like Belle's Library, The Black Pearl or a Wizard's Pub with the strike of a match.

Get it here.

2. "I Speak Fluent Movie Quotes" Key Chain

17896 Speak Movie Quotes










Every time you jump in your car and turn on the engine, you'll look at this key chain and have to say, "I feel the need...the need for speed!" (And if you have no idea what this means, you're probably buying this for someone else.)

Get it here.

3. Horror Movie Director T-Shirt

17896 Horror Directors TShirt










Show off your love of some of the greatest horror directors of all time with this minimalist T-shirt. 

Get it here.

4. Movie Quote Posters

17896 PrincessBrideQuotePoster

17896 ReturnOfTheJediQuotePosterNot only are these beautiful prints of some of your favorite movies (and television shows), but the graphics are made entirely of quotes from the film or show. How cool is that?!

Get it here.

5. Pocket Projector

17896 Mini Projector










Now you'll never be without a way to watch movies, no matter where you are! This pocket projector plugs into any device via an HDMI cord, and includes built-in speakers for an epic movie experience.

Get it here.

6. Movie Buff Game

17896 Movie BuffGame










Put all that movie knowledge to use in this fun trivia game. The best part of this game is it's not question-based so you never need an expansion pack.

Get it here.

7. MoviePass

17896 Movie Pass image










If your life is like Cheers, only instead of a bar your go-to place is the movie theater, then you need MoviePass. It's a subscription service where you pay a low monthly fee to be able to attend multiple movies a month. If you see more than two movies a month, this pass is totally worth it.

Get it here.

8. Movie Reel Glass Accent Table

17896 Movie Reel Table










Outfit your screening room with this beautiful glass and metal accent table. It's perfect for displaying your favorite box set or playing a supporting role to your showtime beverage of choice.

Get it here.

9. Cocktails of the Movies Book

17896 Cocktailsbook

Drink like your favorite characters with this easy-to-follow book for movie buffs and home mixologists. 

Get it here.

10. Psycho Shower Curtain

17896 Psycho showercurtain











Don't forget to check behind the curtain for murderers every time you go to the bathroom.

Get it here

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