fashionbooksIf you are looking for style inspiration, a fashion education or both, you have some fabulous book options. We have done our research to bring you our top 4 fashion books that will inspire the fashionista within.

For most of us finding a great book means losing yourself in between the pages. It means that the entire time you are reading you are inside the world that your book has created; it’s a great feeling. We all have our favorite book category to indulge in, whether it is mystery, thriller, fiction or biographies. For fashion forward women, there is nothing like a well written fashion tome to inspire us and bring out our inner creativity. Fashion books have the power to do just that, inspire us to dress in our own unique way and be more daring in our clothing choices.

AMB-002852Whether you want a gift idea for your most stylish friend or you want to find inspiration we have the top fashion books that you will love to lose yourself in.

1. The Little Dictionary of Fashion: A Guide to Dress Sense for Every Woman

If you are looking for a book that will give you a fashion education, you have selected the right one. This book is written by none other than Christian Dior and gives the reader style tips, including how to dress for a wedding and walk with sophistication. Dior taps in to his fashion expertise and complies them all in to a must have guide that covers what Dior says are the three fundamentals of fashion; good taste, simplicity and grooming. To add polish the book features vivid photographs and is the right size to fit right in to your fabulous handbag.

2. Fashion: 150 Years of Courtiers, Designers, Labels

A fashion education is what you will receive with this glossy page turner. The books begin when fashion first did, in the nineteenth century, and covers the evolution of fashion. It takes a deep look at why fashion is the way it is now and which designers helped to pave the way during their time. The chapters cover each era and features visually stunning photographs to accompany the time. This is a must read for any design student or inspiring designer.

3. The World According to Karl

Pop quiz, who said this: “Think Pink. But don’t wear it”. If you are thinking of Chanel and Fendi mastermind Karl Lagerfeld (pictured at left with Victoria Beckham), you are correct. Known for his wit and for always speaking his mind Lagerfeld has created fashion trends for years. This book collects all of his opinions on Chanel, fashion and style and displays them in true Lagerfeld style. As someone who has re-invented trends for years, this book is a must read for a fashion education.

4. Tom Ford

Let’s face it, every man looks amazing in Tom Ford and all women love his sunglasses. The brain behind Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent is an icon, transforming Gucci in to one of the top fashion brands and making it in to the mega fashion empire it is today. The book explores Ford’s work for both fashion houses and discusses his vision for both empires. Complete with fashion forward photos that are true to his style, the book is just as stylish as the clothing.

A great fashion book will give us an education without us even knowing it. Put your feet up and enjoy one or all of these must have fashion books to read, you won’t be disappointed.

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