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Autumn has come around again: The leaves are turning, the temperature is dropping and the styles are changing. The biggest thing you'll see in stores this fall is that the trend of bringing back the '80s and '90s is still in full effect. If you're looking to update your wardrobe to include some of the go-to trends of the season, look no further.

1. Velvet

Trends: Velvet

That soft, cushy fabric that may have been what half your dresses were made of 20 years ago is backbut it's not limited to the mini dress. The biggest way velvet is making a comeback is with blazers, but fun velvet booties can keep you on trend without going overboard.

2. Statement Chokers

Trends: Chokers

Think past those weird plastic chokers of the '90s and look at the statement chokers of today. Embellishments that take the choker up a notch are totally in right now. You could even do a velvet choker and hit two trends with one stone. 

3. Plaid "School Girl" Mini Skirts

Trend: Clueless

Want to really be like totally on trend this fall? Just study everyone's favorite popular school girl Cher Horowitz from the movie Clueless. School girl jumpers, colored plaid and mini shirts are things you'll definitely see this fall. 

4. Pink And Yellow

Trend: Pink and Yellow

Brighten up a usually dull season with pink and yellow. Go for more subdued or dusty shades of these colors (like mustard or blush) and don't be afraid to put them together. You'll be a bright spot in a sea of black and navy.

5. Statement Fur

Trend: Fur

Real or fake, fur is in and kicking it up a notch. If you really want to rock this trend, opt for a printed fur coat. Otherwise, a colored fur collar can add fun in a more subtle way.

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