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whats-your-favorite-water-bottleThe best $10 I ever spent on my workout was for two water bottles.

Yesterday I talked about getting hydrated. Today, I thought it would be fun to take a look at different water bottles. If we’re going to be doing #33minutes of exercise every day, I think it’s worth it to have $10 of gear that you’re going to like the best. If you’ve been using a water bottle that you hate, do a little shopping and see if you can find something you might like a little better.

In my opinion, there are 3 kinds of water bottles.

  1. Screw top wide mouth. This is great if you’re the kind of stop-and-chug it kind of water drinker. Particularly if you’re hiking, it’s nice to just be able to have a big gulp of as much as you want, as fast as you want. It’s great for keeping in your bag because it keeps a tight seal. But, it’s not as easy to grab with one hand--you will need to stop to drink it.
  2. Straw mechanism. These are fun and very comforting.I think of these as a kind of adult baby bottles. Maybe that ruins it for you--sorry! It is fun, like drinking a soda. But since you’re sipping, you can operate it with one hand because you can pop the straw up. Some of the bottles have straws that seal or some are just cups with straws that don’t seal. Some people use a glass straw. While I wouldn’t use that for exercise, it’s great if you’re trying to eliminate plastic, which I think is great. In my case, I’m too clumsy. The downside of the straw bottles is that they usually have a button to push to operate the straw mechanism. If you put it in your bag, it can easily get bumped into and open. We’ve all been there. So good for mid-workout drinking, but need a better variety for storage on the go.
  3. Bicycle style. This is probably the easiest to use mid-workout. You can open it with one hand and no buttons. The lid is a pop-up rubber drum and when you squeeze the middle of the bottle, the water comes out. There’s no button to press as long as you leave the stopper up to release the water. While it’s my favorite to use while I’m working out, it’s the worst for spilling in your bag.

For my $10, it’s nice to have two water bottles. One that I can keep with me and store in my bag throughout the day without worrying about a spill. Second, a bottle I can easily drink out of during my workout.

What’s your favorite kind of water bottle? Send us a picture or tell us about it--we’d love to see!

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