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my_first_dayThis is my first post with Womensforum.com, a big day for me. I can remember when my debut column was published in the New Haven Register.  It was Thanksgiving Day, and I was crapping in my pants.  I must have proof read that thing 100 times for fear that one of my English teachers would spot it. I wasn’t sure how I would come up with the content every week. I wondered if I was a pseudo, want-to-be writer that was faking everyone out, or if anyone would read or care.

Many years and over 400 columns later, I look back and realize how effortless it was to write from the heart. Each week, I couldn’t wait to share my latest sagas as a mom/wife. Writing in my office, my family would listen at the door wondering what was so funny. Life was funny. I would write and share my column with my husband as the tears from laughter came down our face. They weren’t exceptional stories, but relatable stories about women and their purses, men and their newspapers, and the crazy stuff that we did as parents.


There were also days that were lonely. Listening to the drum of the washing machine in my glamorous laundry room/office, I was disconnected from my readers. They told me I was writing to an audience of 500,000. As far as I was concerned, it was me and my standard poodle, Jake, until one day, when a women chased me down the street in New Haven, CT.

“Are you Wendy from Lifewithwendy? From the New Haven Register?”

“Um....I think so.”

“Well, I have to tell you. You make me laugh, you make me cry, and you entertain my whole family with your crazy stories.”


My New Family: Womensforum.com

I knew then, as I know now, that I am not alone. This morning when I went to my bio page at Womensforum.com, I was overjoyed to discover three people who had read my bio and wrote me back. Thank you Deborah M, Jane1028 (my daughter’s birthday), and mommyoftwins.  It was third grade, and my first pen pal letter from Kathy Mazzer, in Queensland Australia, all over again.

I look forward to having Womensforum.com as my new family, and although you may not chase me down the street, please write me and share your stories. Together, we can realize that it isn’t perfection that binds us, but rather the imperfections of daily life that keep us all engaged and entertained.

For more work my me, please visit Thought I Was Perfect.


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