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my-teen-is-failing-schoolWhy is My Teen Failing School?

Why my teen is failing school will be the most important question parents will brood over this summer and the answer of what they can do to change the evitable outcome of their teen failing school will become a disheartening situation.

Statically one out of every ten public high school students will fail one subject or an entire grade level each year.  This little known fact will have parents gritting their teeth in anticipation of the day their teen's report card arrives.  While report card day may be a joyous day for many parents;

there are a number of parents that will be quite worried that their teen may not pass to the next grade level.  And when parents finally receive the news their teen is failing school, there's no doubt it will leave parents in a quandary.  Find out the most common reasons teens are failing high school classes and how stop the downward spiral to dropping out.

What are the Best Options for a Teen at Risk?

Now is the time of year when parents in the United States will be receiving their teen's report cards.  Their report cards will demonstrate whether their child will pass or fail their current grade level.  Many parents however will be taken aback when they discover their child is at risk.

At this point, parents are forced to make life changing decisions that may result in enrolling their teen in an alternative high school, charter school and in some cases private school.  Perhaps it's these questions many parents deliberate over when determining what's best for their child who is chronically struggling through his class work and subjects, that is extremely frustrating!

Truthfully there are a number of factors at work that have an impact on your teen's ability to successfully complete each grade level.

Moving can have a big impact on your teen's ability to focus in school since a new school setting can be uncomfortable.  Being in a new environment can abruptly alter your teen's ability to concentrate and/or participate in class projects, which will inadvertently result in the teens failing grades .  Helping your teen cope with moving and starting a new school by discussing possible fears your teen may have regarding a new school can make a difference in their grades.

The possibility your teen may have a learning disorder or other disabilities is another factor that can be the reason your teen is failing school. For example; a teen that is dyslexic or suffering from ADHD will have trouble focusing and comprehending their class subjects, thus resulting in missed information and missed opportunity to succeed in high school.  These conditions however can be easily resolved by simply having your teen tested to determine if a learning disability could be the culprit for his or her difficulties with school work.

Peer Pressure most often will cause a teen to fail school, especially if your teen is associating with other teens who disregard the importance of a good education.  This means the influences of other teens will provoke your teen to skip classes, not study or not take their class subjects seriously, hence producing failing grades.   If you suspect that your teen's failing grades is the product of unfavorable peer pressure, enrolling them into an alternative high school or program can help your teen improve.

Sometimes it's not your teen's fault their grades are sliding.  In a number of cases many teens are quite intelligent; however the public school system does not properly cater to an exceptional child.  This can cause your teen to become bored with their class subjects, thereby affecting their grades.  Since an exceptional teen can become easily uninterested in the subjects being taught at a public school, private school enrollment may be the best option for parents.

Needless to say, this factor can go both ways especially when a teen is having trouble keeping up with class subjects, because the courses taught are too advanced.   In either case consulting with your teens school counselor about these possibilities and requesting that the school conduct specific testing can reveal the true culprit and also assist with avenues to help your teen improve in school and receive passing grades.

It's clear parents of high school teenagers have a tough time discerning the problem with their teens failing grades.   Most often teens are unaware of these little factors that have a big impact on their ability to pass to the next grade level.

Focusing on these factors as well as other factors can help parents determine what's best for their teen and how to help them improve their grades.  Go online or talk to a professional educator like a teacher, principle or guidance counselor to get help for your teen and prevent the possibility of your teen dropping out of high school.

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