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every-mom-needs-her-beauty-restYou suddenly feel like a new person when you find something that puts you to sleep in minutes. 

Since moving my family from Connecticut to California for my husband’s new job, I find myself doing a lot of air traveling back and forth. At the time we decided to move, my oldest of four decided she was not coming. She elected to stay behind, live with her grandmother, and finish high school with her childhood friends. In many ways, I can’t say I blame her. The small problem that I had as a mother was the 2,989.4 miles that separated us, and the eight states in between.


How would I remain in her life, yet manage to establish a new life here with my husband and three children? Air planes.

It isn’t that I mind flying, it is just I can’t stand the claustrophobic feeling that accompanies the shrinking 2x3 square feet of space, sin elbow room, that we are granted along with the $500 receipt.  So, when my girlfriend Hilary introduced me to a company that she was working with I felt that I had hit the jackpot. I could find a way to enjoy these flights- sleep.

Sleep was never something that was an issue for me. I lay my head on the pillow and the lights go out. Based on the decibel level of my snores, my husband would be more than happy to validate this.

On a plane, it wasn’t that easy. I yearned to translate those flying hours into beauty rest. Now, with my new introduction to my new little friend the Mynd KEY, maybe I would have that chance.

What is the Mynd KEY?

“It is as simple as putting on these specialized sun glasses, putting the headphones on your ears, and drifting off into a theta state” my girlfriend shared.

I just looked at her mindlessly as I searched my internal database for a definition of “theta.” She encouraged me to try this. At the moment, entertained with a glass of red wine, I didn’t have the patience to try a new gimmick. What would be next, a swami? Close, because sitting to my right happened to be the founders of the company! There would only be one way out of this, so I promised to take this little gadget home and try it, which I did and yes, my life has changed.

What I didn’t realize was that included in the Mynd KEY kit was a small mp3 player that had programs including 'Deepak Chopra on Stillness,' 'Dr. Brenda Wade on How To Break Through Depression,' 'Dr. Keith Mumby on A Tour Of The Universe' and more. The message was the same. Put your stresses behind, relax your body, and be one with your mattress.

Not only was I mesmerized, but also my heart rate began to slow and I could feel myself sinking into a deep sleep. It wasn’t until the next morning when I woke up with the glasses still on my head that I realized what had happened. From there I began napping every day. I would put my cell phone on “Do not disturb” (which went over big with my family) and just like that, relax into the most peaceful part of my day.

So, when I boarded the plane, and proceeded to tell the woman next to me that I wouldn’t be awake for long, I wasn’t kidding. She very politely asked me as I emptied the pillow, tissues, reading book, Mynd KEY glasses and other materials onto my seat, if I would keep my items from encroaching on her space. I explained to her that it would be no problem because I had a new sleeping device and that by the time everyone loaded the plane I would be sound asleep. She, on the other hand, stared at me in disbelief as she explained that she didn’t get much sleep.

“Excuse me miss, could you tell me what she is wearing and why the lazar lights are coming out of her glasses?”

All the passengers were fascinated by this little gadget.

“I have no idea” she answered, "all I know is that when I get home I am going to order one for myself. Maybe then, I can get some sleep."

For more parenting articles with Wendy or ways to find your own Mynd KEY sleeping device please visit me at lifewithwendy.

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