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ptr-myparentconnection-125sqMy Parent Connection provides comprehensive information about optimizing your chances of conception and general tips on how to maximize fertility and manage any infertility issues. For example the benefits of vitamin C for men and vitamin D for women is explained among many other naturally viable options in order to boost the likelihood of conception. Once pregnancy is achieved there is plenty more to help you through your pregnancy, again focusing more on nutritional and natural treatments that you can do all on your own. Home birthing is even a topic discussed and described in the article 9 Tips for a Successful Home Birth as well as in a few other very informative articles on the subject. Visit Website

MyParentConnection.com is rounded off with some good ideas for baby names, ways to educate your young ones, recipes for healthy eating for the whole family and a message board to discuss some of the topics on the page. Also included is an arcade that is there for registered users.

Womensforum Partner: MyParentConnection joined as a valued partner in the womensforum network in 5/2007.

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