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Mystery-Couple-FoundPhoto Credit: Twitter 

A candid photo showing a happy newlywed couple in a passionate embrace on London Bridge has been shared all around the world. Saber Miresmailli from North Vancouver, Canada, was seated in a moving cab when he came upon the picture-perfect moment. He couldn’t resist taking a snapshot of the couple framed against the backdrop of Tower Bridge, and then turned to Facebook to help track down the couple.

mystery-couplePhoto Credit: Saber Miresmailli

He posted the picture on Facebook along with an appeal for help:

"A request to the Facebook Nation: I was on a moving car in London , UK on May 16, 2015 around 8PM when I saw this lovely couple. They were alone and I didn't see any photographer with them. I managed to shoot this picture with them and the London Bridge in the back ground. I have the high quality picture and I love to find them and give it to them as a gift. Do you think you can share this and help me find them? Thanks!"

It took only three days for the internet to track down Laura and James Egan. Family members and friends responded to the plea and tweeted a photo of the Egans who were unaware of the photograph while on their honeymoon in Bali.

Kudos to  Miresmailli for beautifully capturing such an intimate moment! 

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