nail-painting-tipsLooking for a Cheap Way to Update Your Look? Paint Your Nails!

Painting nails can be a lot of fun, and a great way to add to your look without expensively adding to your wardrobe. Nail polish is generally inexpensive and the wide variety of nail polish colors out there can make the process exciting. Painting our own nails can also save money on professional manicures. However, though many of us know the basics of how to paint nails, there are certain nail painting tips to keep in mind to always give yourself the best manicure possible. Therefore, we’ve got some of the best nail painting ideas and tips to get the hottest nails!

5 Tips for The Best Nail Painting

1. Take Regular Care of Your Hands and Nails

This is the first step in nail painting. Your hands are crucial in the look of your nails as well, so regularly apply moisturizer and soak your hands in olive oil once a week, which will also soften your cuticles. Use rubber gloves when dealing with harsh chemicals to protect your skin. Also use basic nail care. Try not to use your hands as an everyday tool when you can avoid it and keep your nails clipped to keeping from tearing.

2. Prepare Your Nails

When starting, file your nails to the shape you want. One of the important nail tips to follow is to remove old nail paint beforehand, even if it’s the same color. Painting over old, chipped polish can create an uneven look. Exfoliate your hands by soaking them in a mix of soap, water and lemon juice, then gently push back your cuticles with a soft cotton swab.

3. Choose a Color

Before you paint nails, you obviously have to pick a color. This can be a difficult decision to make with all the fun options, but focus less on matching your wardrobe and think more about your lifestyle and the season. Professional women might want to go with a more neutral shade. Women who are painting their nails for going out might want to go for bolder shades, such as pink or red. Warm colors are popular in the summer, while cool colors come back in the winter months.

4. Painting Your Nails

Applying a base coat is one of the great tips for nail painting, as it makes for a smoother look. Instead of the popular method of shaking the bottle of polish, roll it in between your hands. Remember that older nail polish can come out looking chunky. Do one stroke through the middle, than another on each side. Plan on doing about 3 coats, with ample time in between each.

5. When Your Nails Have Dried

After you’re done with the nail painting and they have dried, use a cottons swab with nail polish remover on it to clean up your fingertips. Consider applying fun nail painting designs with a thin design brush. You can see tutorials for those on the web, or make up your own! Or you can also just leave your nails as is. Just keep those nails maintained to look classy and fashionable!

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