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naked-man-chews-off-mans-faceZombie Apocalypse In Miami.

Just when we think our world couldn't get any more bizarre, a naked man, who acted like a "zombie" attacked a homeless man on an off-ramp in Florida, tearing away at his face with his mouth and eating his flesh. The victim's name is not known, nor his condition, but he is being hospitalized.  The hospital, Jackson Memorial, is not reporting on his condition.  There is speculation that the assailant was under the influence of an emerging, but dangerous newer drug called "bath salts."  He could not have been in his right mind and the effects of "bath salts," an amphetamine-like designer drug could very well be consistent with the assailant's behavior.

Man's Face Chewed Off By Naked Man

The main witness, Larry Vega, was bicycling when he noticed the man attacking and yelled at him to stop.  But the attacker, perhaps high on bath salts, identified by authorities as Rudy Eugene just kept on chewing on the victim's face.  Larry Vega was able to flag down a Miami police officer who warned the naked attacker, to cease the attack on the man.  But Eugene just looked up and growled at the police officer and then went back to biting and eating his face. The officer shot the attacker once to get him to stop.  But when Rudy Eugene did not stop, the police officer fatally shot him.  

Who Was Rudy Eugene, Attacker High on Bath Salts?

According to court records, Rudy Eugene did have a bit of a troubled past with arrests and misdemeanors, mainly marijuana related. It does appear that he had a propensity for violent acts, in that he was arrested on a battery charge at age 16.  However, the case was dropped.  And later during 2004 police had to tase him to stop him in a domestic dispute.  He was arrested seven additional times in a span of five years on charges such as misdemeanor battery, marijuana use and vending near a school.

Though he appears to have a history, his friends and classmates are in disbelief and shock over the incident.  In the late 1990's he played football in high school.  Friends describe him as being friendly and funny, with no known mental illnesses.  A former roommate described him as giving and sweet.  Friends do believe drugs are to blame because this was definitely not his character.

Police believe he may have been under the influence of LSD or "bath salts," because both can cause symptoms of psychosis and overheat the body.  Rudy Eugene was naked at the time of the attack-- too many bath salts?

Bath Salts: New Dangerous Drug

While this ordeal is shocking to us, Emergency Room doctors all over the country are not surprised.  They are seeing more and more visits to the ER that end in death or near death.  Patients enter the ER high on bath salts are either in cardiac arrest, appear comatose or exhibit psychotic behaviors.  The temperature and heart rate goes up, their blood can become acidic, and their body cooks.

Poison control centers reported 304 calls about "bath salt," reactions in 2010. The following year the number of calls regarding bath salts jumped to 6,100.  Many of the calls were from hospitals, as doctors weren't quite sure what they were dealing with.

The drug, "bath salts" has also been a factor in violent, tragic crimes.

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