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naked-nights-normal-or-notSleeping Au Naturale…Naked Nightmare Or In The Buff Bliss? 

Well, the “resident experts” have weighed in on their opinion and it seems that sleeping completely naked is entirely normal! Though the “experts” are the booze loving, cringe moment creators, Hoda Kotb and Kathie Lee Gifford of the Today Show, we are going to take their opinion as absolute fact and run with it. We are going to run all the way into the naked night without glancing behind our brazenly bare shoulders! 

Is Sleeping Naked a Normal Sleep Habit?

Naked sleeping is a fairly common sleep habit and though it may seem taboo, it seems that more people might indulge in this nightly ritual than you might think. According to the ladies of the Today Show, there is nothing wrong with sleeping naked and they suggest that everyone have naked nights once in a while. One reason that naked sleeping is such a popular way to sleep is body temperature and the “free feeling” that sleeping in the nude can provide. If Hoda and Kathie Lee do it, it must be normal…right? Well, normally we might argue that statement but when it comes to sleeping naked, it seems a lot of people think its normal and even partake in the not-so-weird sleep habit themselves. 

Women Everywhere, Sleep Wear Go Bare! 

While cute lingerie and fancy underpinnings are always fun to wear to bed, they aren’t always comfortable. For women trying to spice things up in the bedroom their first thought is to wear some form of risqué lingerie, but the best idea might be to skip the lingerie entirely! What is more sexy than wearing nothing at all? The best part about going to bed naked is how comfortable you will be when you actually lay your head down to sleep. Sleeping in the nude is great for people with all different kinds of sleep habits (well, maybe not sleepwalkers…) and could even help individuals struggling to get to sleep or stay asleep. 

Do You Sleep Naturally Nude? 

Sleeping in the nude provides those suffering from insomnia a bit of relief. If you find yourself waking at night due to excessive sweat or uncomfortable heat, stripping your nightie might be a great option. As Kathie Lee let the entire world know, she was premenopausal for a VERY long time and therefore was VERY hot and has therefore been sleeping sans jammies for a VERY long time. Also, if you wake in the night feeling constricted or tangled up in your dashing nightwear...get rid of it! Free your body and free your mind people!

Just be sure no unexpected visitors will be dropping by for a midnight visit! 

What do you think? Do you think sleeping in the nude is normal? Did Kathie Lee share too much yet again? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter!

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