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anational_happinessWho are the Happiest People on Earth, and Why?

Have you ever thought of happiness in different countries and wondered who on this earth got the heaviest dose of it all? Haven’t you at some point thought of what the happiest people do that most people don’t? And I’m sure that at some gloomy point in your life you looked at a happy person and wondered what kept them going.

In a world where we are constantly trying to find answers to almost everything, scientists have been able to come up with a few constants that happy people share in common. It is said that most people confuse happiness with pleasure. The difference is that pleasure is fleeting and does not last long. It also depends on circumstances a person is in at the time. Happiness is a feeling most people look for that goes well beyond deriving it from a physical object. Most people who claim to be happy, state that they feel immense joy and peace within them, despite the circumstances they may be in at the time.

Happiest Countries in the World

A study on happy people has proven that quality time spent with family and friends can prove to be more advantageous in terms of happiness in comparison to spending the night out clubbing. Also it has been shown that happiness can also be derived from helping someone in need. The thought of being able to bring happiness to someone else brings out joy in us that cannot be compared to obtaining a material want.

As of this year the national happiness of Costa Rica tops the world charts followed by Denmark, Switzerland and Austria as the next happiest countries in the world. It has been proven that the people in these countries have high levels of happiness on a large scale compared to other counterparts elsewhere.

The study of national happiness has shown that the most optimistic people are the happiest. This may be because they choose to look at each and every aspect of their lives through a positive view thus having fewer tendencies to be depressed or sad. By constantly keeping their mindset in check they are automatically bracing themselves against reality and choosing to indulge in things that bring them happiness.

Another way to increase your happiness would be to try practicing mindfulness. In some of the places mentioned as being the happiest countries in the world when it comes to happiness, you will find that people have an organized way of doing things and have fewer tendencies to rush through things. Take for example a scenario involving two people where both of them are taking a meal but one is eating without paying attention to what he/she is eating while the other pays careful attention to each mouthful. The end result would be that the person who ate without paying attention will leave in an unsatisfactory manner as compared to the one who sat through their meal while giving attention to each mouthful. This way this person was able to savor their food and experience the joy of the different taste sensations the food brought about.

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