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national-wear-red-day-history-and-factsNational Red Day brings attention to heart disease and how women can come together to knock it down.

Research in 2003 found that heart disease was the absolute top cause of death for women. On the first Friday each February, women (and men!) raise awareness for heart issues and what we all can do to help raise the numbers of survivors. 

After “Go Red for Women” launched in 2003, the movement has seen an incredible decade of success and accomplishments for the fight against heart disease in women.

  • More women are managing their health and developing healthier lifestyles by exercising at a higher frequency and improving their diets.
  • 23 percent more Americans now understand that heart disease is the top cause of death for women.
  • Awareness of heart disease among minorities is rising, doubling with Hispanic women and tripling with African American women.
  • 15 percent of women have quit smoking and high cholesterol has gone down by 18 percent.
  • When it comes to medication, more gender-specific guidelines have been developed.
  • Women’s symptoms and responses differ from men and medication has accounted for that.
  • The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s WISEWOMAN has ensured that 20 states have programs to help low-income women get screenings for heart disease and stroke.

Celebrate National Wear Red Day on February 7, 2014!

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Photo Credit: Twitter

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