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natural-antacids-in-foodHeartburn and Stomach Acid Getting You Down? These Natural Antacid Foods Could Help You!

Heartburn is a major problem and millions of people suffer from stomach acid issues and painful gastro reflux. While many turn to medication to ease their heartburn pain, these natural antacid foods are a great way to calm heartburn and ease that pesky burning in throat sensation. Show that gastro reflux disease and heartburn who’s boss with these natural antacid foods. 

Gastro Reflux Disease and Heartburn

Heartburn pain can be so intense, sufferers might find it difficult to sleep at night and be forced to give up some their favorite foods. If your heartburn is so severe that you suffer from it more often than not and find it difficult to do things after eating…you might need to make an appointment with you doctor as you might be suffering from a serious gastric reflux disease. If you only suffer from heartburn every once in a while you can treat the burning in throat sensation on a case-by-case basis. Antacid use is prevalent and it seems everywhere you look a new antacid medication is released. While there are many over the counter antacid medications, those who want to find a natural way to ease their heartburn are in luck! 

What is Antacid? 

Antacid is a substance that helps to neutralize excess acidity in your stomach. By neutralizing the stomach acid you are essentially “putting out the fire” caused by your stomach acid. These natural antacid foods will help you battle heartburn and neutralize excess stomach acid. 

Natural Antacid Foods 

  • High Fiber Foods- Diets high in fiber have shown to help neutralize stomach acid and ease the symptoms of heartburn. Eat fruits, nuts, whole grains beans and lots of veggies to add an extra kick of fiber to your diet. 
  • Yogurt- The living cultures in yogurt attack stomach acid and help to neutralize your gastro reflux. Don’t eat yogurt that’s packed with sugar though, instead opt for healthy greek yogurt or even kefir. 
  • Ice Cream- Yes, you heard right ice cream! Foods with soothing dairy will help to neutralize stomach acid and sooth your gastro reflux. Make sure you eat the ice cream two hours before bed, and vanilla is the best flavor to soothe heartburn.
  • Milk- A tall glass of milk before bed will leave you full, comfortable and will help combat that burning in throat sensation that keeps you up at night. 

Heartburn is a terrible ailment. If you have ever suffered from that burning in the throat sensation, acidity and chest burning you know how painful heartburn can be. Try adding these natural antacid foods to your diet and see if you can beat your heartburn once and for all.  

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