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Tummy Still Hurting and Don't Know What to Eat?

Upper stomach cramps are usually a sign of indigestion, gas, or bloating. They are uncomfortable and even painful at times. Unfortunately your day can't stop just because your stomach is waging war on your body so you probably end up turning to over-the-counter medicines. The problem with many over-the-counter medicines is that the cramps typically get worse before they get better. There are natural foods for stomach cramps that can soothe the pain quickly and get you back to your business of the day.  As we become more aware of our health, it is only natural that we look for healthier ways to treat our symptoms. These natural foods used as digestive health aids are good for our bodies in many ways. Women will benefit by eating natural foods in more ways then we now understand.

Calming Natural Foods

There are many benefits for using natural foods to ease stomach cramps. First, they typically ease the pain without causing more pain. Second, eating and drinking natural foods or herbs provide other health benefits that aren't found in over-the-counter medicines. Third, natural foods and herbs don't typically cause side effects like over-the-counter medicines. These natural foods and herbs are commonly used to treat stomach cramps, indigestion, or reduce gas.


Peppermint is one of the natural healing foods for stomach cramps. It is known to calm the stomach and to help the digestion process. If you carry a few peppermints in your purse, you'll always have one to eat after every meal. This way you can help your stomach before the cramps start kicking in.


Ginger is a natural herb often prescribed for stomach cramps. Like peppermint, it also calms the stomach by aiding in the digestion process. You can add ginger to a warm tea and the warm liquid will also help to calm the stomach cramps. Ginger can also be eaten, raw or crystallized, and it will still have the same calming effect on your stomach. In addition ginger has even been used by many people as an effective cure for motion sickness.


Peaches are also considered one of the natural foods for stomach cramps. They not only calm upset stomachs but they can also calm ulcers. The calming effect comes from pectin that is found in many fruits but is very high in peaches. It is even thought that peaches can prevent ulcers by protecting the stomach lining.

Sassafras Root

The sassafras root is another herb used in relieving stomach cramps. It is added to a warm tea for extra soothing. Sassafras is an old world ingredient that has been used for everything from fevers, to arthritis, to liver problems, to menstrual cramps. It calms the stomach by relieving the gas.  Our favorite "root beer" flavor comes from this plant.


Chamomile is an herb used for relieving indigestion. It is considered part of the ragweed family, so if you are allergic to ragweed you should avoid chamomile. Chamomile as a warm tea is very effective in calming upset stomachs. It can also be used to ease muscle spasms and menstrual cramps.


Oatmeal is another one of the natural foods for stomach cramps. If you wake up in the morning with an upset stomach, then a bowl of oatmeal will help get your day started right. It can relieve the gas in the stomach as well as relive constipation. In addition oatmeal has many other health benefits such as reducing cholesterol and lowering blood sugar.

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