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natural headacheTrying to manage headaches without the need for constant medicine?

If you’re looking to relieve a headache without popping pills and don’t have time to sleep it off, here are few natural solutions that might bring you some relief.

Water: Sometimes, even though you may not feel dehydrated, a headache can be caused, or emphasized, by a lack of water. Hydrating your body can often bring some relief, though not always immediate.

A Cold Compress: Putting a cold compress on the base of your head, while submerging your hands and feet in warm water, draws blood to your extremities and relieves your head of some pressure.

Temple Massages: Pressure points can be very valuable when it comes to remedying headaches. The main point of focus is obviously the source of your pain—your head. Put your thumbs on your cheekbones near your ears, and use your middle finger to rub your temples. Rub in a circular pattern and slowly move along your hairline until your fingers meet in the center of your forehead.

Acupressure: While massaging your temples could help relieve some of your pain, another area that you should try massaging is your hand. Hand massages can be done several different ways. The one I do most often involves taking your thumb and applying pressure in circles from the wrist to the base of each of your fingers.

Aromatherapy: Fill a small pouch, or use a cloth to wrap up dried lavender. Place the pouch on your forehead or eyes and inhale the scent. The relaxing yet powerful smell can instantly bring relief for a headache. Another way to use lavender, or an essential oil of your choice, would be to drop some into a warm bath.

Tea: Chamomile tea is often used to prevent, and in some cases relieve, a headache because of its ability to relax muscles. It is known for assisting in reducing stress, which is a common cause for headaches.

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