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Outdoor living is one of the best things about warm weather. Warmer months bring about fantastic weather but they also bring huge waves of vicious mosquitoes. Mosquito control is key in protecting your family from irritating bug bites. Whether you’re one of the lucky individuals that mosquitoes love to feast on, or your kids come home covered head to toe in angry itchy bug bites, there are a few alternative natural mosquito repellents to consider. 

Natural Insect Repellent

There are countless mosquito repellent products on the market but a large majority of them use harsh chemicals to repel the pesky insects. Citronella oil has long been a favorite mosquito repellent, but citronella oil has been linked to poisoning in kids and family pets. Bug spray is sold by the gallon full at any grocery store, but parents are seeking an alternative natural mosquito repellent and natural insect repellent. So what natural mosquito repellent options are there? More than you would think! 

How to Make All-Natural Bug Repellent 

When looking for natural bug repellent options experts explain that finding bug bite relief may start with essential oils. There are tons of essential oils that have been proven to be effective natural bug repellents. Use these oils just as your would a bug spray and you will be bug bite free!

  • Natural Lemon Eucalyptus Oil- This essential oil is a proven effective natural bug repellent. This essential oil based natural insect repellent can irritate children’s skin, so use only enough for effective for protection for bug bites. 
  • Geraniol- This essential oil is derived from the geranium plant and at 100% concentration it can offer full natural bug repellent safety for almost three hours. This essential oil was more successful at mosquito control and natural bug repellent than several chemical products marketed as safe for children. Geraniol can be purchased at natural foods stores. 
  • Peppermint Oil- Like Geraniol 100% concentrated peppermint oil can protect from bug bites and act as an effective natural mosquito repellent for nearly three hours. Peppermint oil can be found at most grocery stores and is relatively inexpensive. 

Mosquito control doesn’t need to induce a chemical haze for your family. Get outside and enjoy outdoor living with these natural bug repellent and alternative natural mosquito repellent ideas.

Warning: If a little one ingests citronella oil, there lungs can be coated with the dangerous citronella oil. This can lead to chemical pneumonia. If you observe anyone ingesting citronella oil, contact a poison control center and hospital immediately.

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